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I have an extra year of practice
Wed Mar 14, 2018 15:59

Jasmine smiled and tried not to preen too much at the compliments Mikey was giving her. “Thank you,” she responded in her best attempt at Demure. “You’ll catch on before you know it,” she added encouragingly, because she remembered being in his place just one year ago and thinking she’d never be able to do something so lovely as make a flower dance so soon.

He then proceeded to make the flower stop dancing with perfectly fine aptitude, which she felt rather proved her point. “Good,” she smiled as he declared he was getting the hang of it and went back to trying to end the spells on his toy broomstick.

While that got bigger, she cast the dancing charm on her flower again, making it dance once more. “Anya’s looks a lot like that,” she confirmed when he declared having never seen a girl’s broom before. “She’d prefer something plainer,” she remarked with a slight note of censure, “but it flies fine so she doesn’t complain about it where Mom can hear.”

Jasmine caught her flower as it tried to dance off the desk and turned it around to dance across the surface in the other direction. When Professor Wright was done checking over the broom, Jasmine confidently cast, “Finite!” at her flower, which danced a few more pirouettes before drooping down and lying still.

It was a far cry from the abrupt cutting of strings effect she’d been hoping for, but it looked almost intentional, so she looked up at the professor with an expectant look that conveyed “That was what you wanted, right?”

Still, once he was gone, she got the flower dancing again and tried to end the spell faster and more effectively than her first attempt had gone. To less than ideal results. She sighed, “I think I’m enjoying the show too much to just let it end suddenly. I think it looks better for it to come to a more natural closing pose.”

  • I think you're better than me hereMikey, Sat Feb 24 03:37
    It was intimidating sitting next to a pretty girl that he hadn't grown up with. She was really good at Charms too. "You're really good," he told her, impressed. "It's super fun to watch." Though... more
    • I have an extra year of practice — Jasmine, Wed Mar 14 15:59
      • That is trueMikey, Thu Apr 5 20:00
        "I hope so," Mikey replied. It seemed impossible right now with so many new spells and incantations to memorize. Even though it was super fun doing it, he had a hard time getting them all to stick in ... more
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