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Something you drink tea out of?
Tue Mar 27, 2018 14:27

“You’re welcome.” She replied. Ruby had learned French as a child as part of her lessons but her parents hadn’t cared a great deal how fluent she was. Actually Mother seemed to not care how well they learned any of their lessons. She was admittedly on the detached side but with six children Ruby could kind of see why her mother didn’t have time to care if they could speak a language she herself barely knew.

It kind of made her rethink her desire to have a large family. She wanted to be very involved in her children’s lives. Ruby wanted to be able to nurture them and their interests and be aware of any issues she had. She wanted to be close to them. Maybe if she spaced them out better than her own parents. Aunt Shannon and Uncle Ben had four kids and were most likely planning another eventually as they needed a baby U to complete the set-Uncle Ben was an Aladren of the quirky variety-and none of them seemed especially neglected. Ruby and her siblings had gotten more nurturing from their nannies and tutors than their mother. Still, she believed firmly that Mother did love them very much. Mothers always loved their children.

“And thank you.” Ruby responded to her housemate poking her teacup away from the edge. “Finite” Her tea cup slowed to a stop.

She nodded in agreement. "It would also be hard to drink out of something that kept moving around."

The second year looked over at Dorian and remembered back to her earlier train of thought. She felt the other Teppenpaw would probably be able to answer her question"Dorian, do boys our age like dancing? I mean, I don't really have any male relatives I can ask or use as an example for what twelve year old boys are like. My brother and male cousins are too young." By which Ruby meant cousins the way people normally did as opposed to, say, Vlad. "I mean, my cousin Olaf is just figuring out walking."

  • But what is a teacup?Dorian, Wed Feb 28 06:59
    His desk partner seemed not to mind the intrusion of his cutlery into their personal space, which was good. He hadn’t met many people at Sonora yet who seemed like they would, but he was pleased to... more
    • Something you drink tea out of? — Ruby, Tue Mar 27 14:27
      • “Yes, true,” he nodded, when she said that it would be hard to drink from something that kept moving. He gave her a half smile as the amusing image danced through his head. As Ruby talked more, he... more
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