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What if you drink it out of something strange?
Thu Mar 29, 2018 07:29

“Yes, true,” he nodded, when she said that it would be hard to drink from something that kept moving. He gave her a half smile as the amusing image danced through his head.

As Ruby talked more, he leant in a little closer, watching her with perhaps what seemed an overly serious expression, but which was just due to him trying to concentrate hard on what she said. He understood most things, unless someone talked very fast or used a lot of long words, but when it was against the background noise of the class or the hall, it took a lot more concentration. He spent a great many conversations with people leaning in closer, and looking far more serious than he ordinarily might have. He was aware of this, and that it made his behaviour not quite normal, but he also knew that people like Ruby, who were familiar with him, probably weren’t judging him on it. Probably. Hopefully.

“Hm,” he made a show of the fact he was pondering her question, because he had found that if he didn’t show people he was thinking they tended to assume he hadn’t understood, and then started jabbering away re-explaining themselves, which only gave him more to process, interrupted his thoughts, and made him feel patronised and irritated. He wasn’t sure what to answer to her question. He knew how he felt about dancing, but he also knew that he was not necessarily typical. He was pretty sure that at twelve, Matthieu had had a very different opinion on dancing to him… And Matthieu liked more of what boys liked. He liked sports and things. Although proper pureblood boys were supposed to dance, so that kind of dancing was definitely acceptable but whether it was socially acceptable in the eyes of other guys to say that you enjoyed it he didn’t know. And then there was dancing around the living room with Émilie, which probably wasn’t either of those things… He wondered what Victor thought about proper dancing, or had done age twelve, but he really had very little insight there.

“I suppose all know how,” he answered hesitantly, “All Pureblood boys anyway. Whether they like… maybe depend on the boy?” he tried, surveying Ruby to check whether this was an acceptable answer. He did not want to elaborate on the fact that he thought his brother definitely did not, but that he himself quite liked it, because he disliked drawing attention to the ways in which he was odd – or, in Matthieu’s eyes, deficient. “Do all twelve year old girls?” he asked her a little sceptically.

“Olaf… is related, er close-related to Vlad. This is also a Russian name, no?” he asked. Although he supposed Ruby wasn’t that close to Vlad if she’d chosen Dorian to be her spokesboy for typical twelve year olds.

  • Something you drink tea out of?Ruby, Tue Mar 27 14:27
    “You’re welcome.” She replied. Ruby had learned French as a child as part of her lessons but her parents hadn’t cared a great deal how fluent she was. Actually Mother seemed to not care how well they ... more
    • What if you drink it out of something strange? — Dorian, Thu Mar 29 07:29
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