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Professor Wright
Right, then. Okay....
Thu Apr 5, 2018 18:59

Students actually taking advantage of the existence of office hours was not unheard of, but nor was it something which happened with astonishing frequency. As a result, Gray had just decided it was acceptable to ease the tin of cookies in the bottom of his desk out when he heard a knock at his door, and he promptly dropped the tin, which bounced off the edge of the half-open drawer with a clang and landed on its lid in the bottom of the drawer with another. Gray winced.

There was, he decided, nothing for it. “Come in,” he called as he shoved the drawer shut again, and tried to look as though he had never heard a tin go clang in his life as he adjusted his glasses and peered at Dorian Montoir. “Hello, Dorian. What can I help you with?”

The boy was quiet for a moment, but Gray thought little of that - English was not, after all, Dorian’s strongest language. He was not really surprised until the Teppenpaw did speak, at which point Gray’s first reaction was a blank look. His second was very nearly, before he bit his tongue, the comment ‘come again?’, but he caught himself before he actually said it. Why were they talking about cheating? Who didn’t cheat? Tat -

Ah. Tatiana. French, so far as Gray could tell, disliked the letter ‘a’ nearly as much as Russian seemed to like it, but it was perhaps the most logical way to shorten that name and Tatiana and Dorian were both members of that little knot of second years…

“Well - that’s - “ Gray had never really contemplated ending up in this situation before. He had the distinct impression he was being rebuked by a twelve-year-old. That “I understand that you want to support your friend,” he pulled out of a hat, “but I can’t really discuss another student’s work with you, Dorian.”

This last part was, he thought, actually true - he was pretty sure it was somewhere in the booklet he’d been given about what was or wasn’t professional conduct when he’d been hired. There were legal papers to the effect that he couldn’t even discuss the work of students who were of age with their parents without the student’s consent, so he suspected talking to anyone but a parent or guardian about a second year was right out, even if Tatiana had been present and prepared to sign a document. Tatiana and Dorian weren’t old enough to make decisions yet, which was why they could be discussed with their parents whether they liked it or not but not anyone else...again whether they liked it or not. He thought.

  • You have incurred my wrathDorian Montoir, Wed Apr 4 10:32
    (OOC - posted directly under here for neatness but this library thread takes place between this post and the one above). It mattered to Tatya that he was doing this. And it mattered to him too.... more
    • Right, then. Okay.... — Professor Wright, Thu Apr 5 18:59
      • No! It is wrong and not okay!Dorian, Fri Apr 6 07:47
        “But she tells me already,” Dorian assured the professor, his tone calm and factual. He could understand that teachers couldn’t just discuss students with other students in general, but he already... more
        • Let’s just take a step back, shall we?Professor Wright, Wed Apr 11 16:42
          Well. Dorian did seem to know the facts of the case, sure enough. Gray was not convinced this actually changed his position any, but at least he could honestly say that he had said no such things to... more
          • A look of anger passed across Dorian’s face at the suggestion Tatya had done more than correct her spelling, and he hastily lowered his gaze, knowing that looking angrily at a teacher was crossing a... more
            • ...CoolProfessor Wright, Sun Apr 15 17:41
              Depends which philosopher you ask. Well, that had to be one of the more interesting sentences a second year had ever produced, at least in Gray’s presence. He certainly would not have produced it as... more
              • And not about these bits of paperDorian, Mon Apr 16 06:49
                Professor Wright said that he was ‘afraid’ twice without looking like he was actually at all scared, and which was a very odd reaction to some bits of paper, and a very odd thing for a teacher to... more
                • I think we will have to touch on them.Professor Wright, Mon Apr 16 15:12
                  Dorian’s explanation – or explanation of inability to explain – of what had just happened scattered its tenses far and wide, its verb patterns even further, and yet Gray sort of wished it had been... more
                  • Can I give you the Cliffnotes version?Dorian, Tue Apr 17 09:09
                    “Right, thank you,” Dorian nodded, when Professor Wright told him that it was ‘written.’ “I mean,” he added, realising how it might have sounded like he hadn’t quite heard, “Right… correct, yes I... more
                    • Sure, let's go with that.Professor Wright, Sat Apr 21 21:09
                      Ah, there was the reason Dorian, at least, was in Teppenpaw instead of Aladren. Gray had to admit that the child began to seem far more alien to him with this pronouncement about his character than... more
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