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That is true
Thu Apr 5, 2018 20:00

"I hope so," Mikey replied. It seemed impossible right now with so many new spells and incantations to memorize. Even though it was super fun doing it, he had a hard time getting them all to stick in his brain, besides the common spells he already knew from his parents. Practicing in class definitely helped, though.

When he made the flower stop dancing, Mikey felt glad that he was at least getting this spell. It was a little abrupt, but just what he'd been looking for.

"Is Anya your younger sister?" he asked, just to clarify. "I have a younger brother at home too who likes to fly. Mom doesn't really let him do it around the house though. We made a mini obstacle course in our backyard when we were younger to fly through. Flying's one of my favorite things to do."

It was satisfying seeing his spell work correctly and getting his work approved. After Professor Wright checked both of their projects and left, Mikey looked back at Jasmine.

"Yeah, it probably has to do with your mindset. Like, if you don't want it to end suddenly it probably won't. But at least with this flower, I like watching it end slower. It's like a real dance show. It would definitely be more unnatural if it just suddenly fell over as a regular flower again. But I'm sure you'll be able to do it quick if you want to just with practice."

  • I have an extra year of practice Jasmine, Wed Mar 14 15:59
    Jasmine smiled and tried not to preen too much at the compliments Mikey was giving her. “Thank you,” she responded in her best attempt at Demure. “You’ll catch on before you know it,” she added... more
    • That is true — Mikey, Thu Apr 5 20:00
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