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How about we discuss philosophy and unicorns?
Sun Apr 15, 2018 00:13

A look of anger passed across Dorian’s face at the suggestion Tatya had done more than correct her spelling, and he hastily lowered his gaze, knowing that looking angrily at a teacher was crossing a line, but not sure he could meet Professor Wright’s eyes right now without showing that. He was bad at not showing his feelings.

He firmly pushed that issue to one side - he definitely needed to come back to it, but he needed first to think through what the Professor had said... It was a bit confusing… He was saying that he didn’t think Tatya was a bad person, and that this wasn’t a punishment. But he was saying he didn’t know that Tatya hadn’t cheated, and how was that different than saying he thought she had? Was it a subtlety of English that he simply didn’t understand? Or was Professor Wright… cutting hairs into quarters? Or was he just phrasing something as politely as possible even though it meant the same thing? And how was it not a punishment? Tatya had to redo work that others did not. His introduction to philosophy had mentioned Abelard and intentions of actions - something he needed to look further into, especially as the philosopher in question was French, and so he might be able to find it at home, in a language he could more easily understand. He was torn… He would have said the intention behind an action made a difference, and he still believed it did. That Professor Wright did not see this as punishment improved matters. But the end results were still not satisfactory. Tatya had to carry out actions that were the same as a punishment, and she was upset, both of which were wrong, even if the action was not ill-intentioned. Under any other circumstances, it would have been an interesting debate but Tatya was upset and had been wronged, and that was the thing that mattered most to him. And he wasn’t sure that philosophy was going to comfort her much.

“I understand your English,” was the first thing he said, because he thought that any intimation of ‘not understanding’ might lead to Professor Wright re-explaining with simpler words, and he did not need that.

“I think I understand your meaning with your actions… You think is ok because you do not have the idea of punishing. But Tatya must carry out the same action like she was punished. I mean, if you were punishing, you would still do the same to her. Whether your feeling about whether or not is punishment makes any difference… Depends which philosopher you ask,” he said, entirely seriously and without any notion of how precocious and pretentious he verged on being with this statement, “I do not like that she must do the action of the punishment even if you do not have the feeling of punishment - she still loses her time and must work again, so she is still punishmented. Because those things give suffering to her, however you feel about it. And she is upset. Both of those are wrong things. And you…. You say it upside down. You… do not know that she is not cheating?” he tried to recreate Professor Wright’s sentence, stumbling clumsily over the double negative. “This is the same as saying ‘maybe she cheats,’ no?

“And to say she uses the idea quill and not the spelling quill,” his tone, he knew was verging on scornful and he tried to check it. He screwed his eyes shut, placing his balled up fists against his forehead, and taking a deep breath, knowing that he was supposed to keep his temper… But Tatya had definitely not done that, and the accusation hurt him on a deeply personal level. Tatya’s ideas were good enough. She did not need to cheat in that way. And if Professor Wright was entertaining the possibility that she had, it was because he couldn’t separate out the quality of their ideas from the quality of their English. “Tatya can make ideas well. Just not English,” he said with forced calm. We’re not stupid, he wanted to yell. “She is not a cheating type of person. And you do not know that she does cheat - you say so,” So there is no excuse for hurting her! “If you do not know, why… why choose the bad choice? The one that… that is not... ” he sighed in frustration at his inability to find the words in English. That you did not say bad things or do bad to people without being certain was the only way he could think to say it and that was ugly and nonsensical. But the Professor was being unfair and unjust. An image from one of his and Jehan’s conversations flashed through his mind. The unicorn of righteousness. He wanted to unleash it on their professor right now. “You can know what I mean with… presomption d’innocence? he tried, hoping that it might be one of those terms where the English was close enough to the French, finally opening his eyes. He did a double take. Across Professor Wright’s desk were three pieces of paper. The writing on them was in large, angry capital letters, though still bore the hallmarks of being Dorian’s writing due to the occasional swirls and flourishes. And the fact that they were in French. The three thoughts he had wanted to yell.




Dorian stared at them in surprise. And then looked to Professor Wright in confusion. Given what they were discussing, this could not be good…

  • Let’s just take a step back, shall we?Professor Wright, Wed Apr 11 16:42
    Well. Dorian did seem to know the facts of the case, sure enough. Gray was not convinced this actually changed his position any, but at least he could honestly say that he had said no such things to... more
    • How about we discuss philosophy and unicorns? — Dorian, Sun Apr 15 00:13
      • ...CoolProfessor Wright, Sun Apr 15 17:41
        Depends which philosopher you ask. Well, that had to be one of the more interesting sentences a second year had ever produced, at least in Gray’s presence. He certainly would not have produced it as... more
        • And not about these bits of paperDorian, Mon Apr 16 06:49
          Professor Wright said that he was ‘afraid’ twice without looking like he was actually at all scared, and which was a very odd reaction to some bits of paper, and a very odd thing for a teacher to... more
          • I think we will have to touch on them.Professor Wright, Mon Apr 16 15:12
            Dorian’s explanation – or explanation of inability to explain – of what had just happened scattered its tenses far and wide, its verb patterns even further, and yet Gray sort of wished it had been... more
            • Can I give you the Cliffnotes version?Dorian, Tue Apr 17 09:09
              “Right, thank you,” Dorian nodded, when Professor Wright told him that it was ‘written.’ “I mean,” he added, realising how it might have sounded like he hadn’t quite heard, “Right… correct, yes I... more
              • Sure, let's go with that.Professor Wright, Sat Apr 21 21:09
                Ah, there was the reason Dorian, at least, was in Teppenpaw instead of Aladren. Gray had to admit that the child began to seem far more alien to him with this pronouncement about his character than... more
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