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Professor Wright
Sun Apr 15, 2018 17:41

Depends which philosopher you ask. Well, that had to be one of the more interesting sentences a second year had ever produced, at least in Gray’s presence. He certainly would not have produced it as a second year. It was not exactly relevant to the discussion – well, at least not to the point Gray had been trying to make to Dorian, anyway – but it was impressive nevertheless.

And rather interesting. He couldn’t help wondering how on Earth this bit of the situation had come about – a nice Teppenpaw boy sticking up for a Pecari girl to their professor. If he had imagined either Dorian or Tatiana going to war over the other, he would have imagined Tatiana as the aggressor. Even had she not been a Pecari, after all, it would have been difficult to think of her as a delicate, fading flower in need of a champion – she went out of her way to draw attention to herself with her sartorial choices, her hats and gloves and jewels, like a peacock. It was not a trait Gray understood at all, having generally always preferred the woodwork for himself, but it seemed deliberate. Dorian, on the other hand, was highly conscientious, and Teppenpaws were rarely flashy, even this strange new scary subspecies which had infected the school since his return…

He tried to remember what else he knew about these children. They were both purebloods of some sort, weren’t they? And both rather northerly. Perhaps they were engaged and Dorian therefore felt a sense of obligation. Even most purebloods, however, didn’t pair their children off this young, so his imagination was left to try to fill in the blanks, at least until his good sense reminded him that he was Not Allowed to use his students as characters on the rare occasion he had time to write.

Time to write – to think that should become a luxury! Overall, Gray found teaching less unpleasant than he had expected it to be. He liked his students, he liked his colleagues, and he found plenty of things to keep his mind engaged. Just the same, though, Sonora kept long hours and he was often, in the evenings, too tired to take up his pen and do anything productive with it even on those nights when he didn’t have other work – grading or lesson planning or reviewing – to do. This was frustrating, but not nearly so much as the other thing which could occur: a sudden flash of an idea, an idea so clear that he could almost perceive the inputs his various senses would receive if the scene had been real, something he desperately wanted to get down – and which he was compelled to ignore because he had other work to do. Such as explaining that the actual punishment for confirmed cheating was a fair bit different from asking someone to redo work to a second year, though admittedly this was a bit outside the norm of work….

When he first noticed three note-papers spreading themselves out on his desk, he initially thought it might somehow be his own doing, as he was busy mentally drafting how to explain the situation further to Dorian. Then, however, words began to appear, and he knew they weren’t his because he didn’t write French – or do anything else with it, for that matter. He stared at these in confusion, and then at Dorian in confusion, and then Dorian looked up and stared at him in confusion….

“I’m afraid I don’t read French,” he said. “So you’ll have to help me understand these, I’m afraid. How did you do that?”

The two comments weren’t really connected, just thoughts that occurred more or less at the same time. The latter was easily the more important, though. This was as peculiar, he thought, as anything which had happened this year, if less spectacular than some of the other displays….

  • A look of anger passed across Dorian’s face at the suggestion Tatya had done more than correct her spelling, and he hastily lowered his gaze, knowing that looking angrily at a teacher was crossing a... more
    • ...Cool — Professor Wright, Sun Apr 15 17:41
      • And not about these bits of paperDorian, Mon Apr 16 06:49
        Professor Wright said that he was ‘afraid’ twice without looking like he was actually at all scared, and which was a very odd reaction to some bits of paper, and a very odd thing for a teacher to... more
        • I think we will have to touch on them.Professor Wright, Mon Apr 16 15:12
          Dorian’s explanation – or explanation of inability to explain – of what had just happened scattered its tenses far and wide, its verb patterns even further, and yet Gray sort of wished it had been... more
          • Can I give you the Cliffnotes version?Dorian, Tue Apr 17 09:09
            “Right, thank you,” Dorian nodded, when Professor Wright told him that it was ‘written.’ “I mean,” he added, realising how it might have sounded like he hadn’t quite heard, “Right… correct, yes I... more
            • Sure, let's go with that.Professor Wright, Sat Apr 21 21:09
              Ah, there was the reason Dorian, at least, was in Teppenpaw instead of Aladren. Gray had to admit that the child began to seem far more alien to him with this pronouncement about his character than... more
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