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And not about these bits of paper
Mon Apr 16, 2018 06:49

Professor Wright said that he was ‘afraid’ twice without looking like he was actually at all scared, and which was a very odd reaction to some bits of paper, and a very odd thing for a teacher to admit to a student, even if it had been true which it didn’t seem like it was. Dorian suspected that ‘afraid’ was currently not meaning ‘scared’ but some sort of…. Politeness. Which was possibly being deployed sarcastically given the circumstances. Like when teachers said ‘Excuse me but what do you think you’re doing?’ They did not wish to be excused. They just wanted to know what the hell you were doing.

“I-” I didn’t do that. He cut off his first instinctive response because he doubted very much that he would be believed, given that there were exactly two people in the room and only one of them spoke French. And it was his writing. And they were his thoughts. He didn’t even believe that he hadn’t done this - clearly he had. “I don’t know,” he replied, focussed on the second question. But not knowing was rarely a satisfactory answer. "I have my eyes closed… I don’t know how-" Professor Wright had presumably seen physically how they came to be there. He knew that and Dorian didn’t. Dorian sort of wanted to ask him how this had happened, but he was clearly the one who was responsible for an explanation here. But he couldn’t give one. He didn’t know. He really didn’t.

“I did thought those things,” he admitted, feeling panicked. They were already talking about words having done things they shouldn’t in Tatya’s paper, and now he’d done this, which… which wasn’t the same but was also probably bad especially as Professor Wright wanted him to explain, and he couldn’t, "I thought them but-" he was about to say that he hadn’t said them but he… hadn’t. Still hadn’t. “But… But I don’t know how they got writed – wrote – written?” why was that verb so, SO stupidly complicated given that people had such regular need of it. “Really, I do not,” he insisted plaintively and earnestly. He might be in Professor Wright’s bad books by now, for coming and complaining but that didn’t mean he’d do every bad thing. He wasn’t a liar, and he didn’t want to be branded one. Or a… a… He wasn’t sure what the word for someone who had done this on purpose would be, in any of his languages, because he wasn’t really sure what this was, in terms of a crime. It was words. Words he hadn’t meant to happen. And couldn’t explain.

“Am I in trouble?” he asked, clearly rather frightened by the prospect. He didn’t want to be in trouble. He did not like trouble. The risk of trouble had been worth it to defend Tatya, but that had been different. Now there were strange bits of stupid paper that he couldn’t explain and he might be branded as… something for making them.

  • ...CoolProfessor Wright, Sun Apr 15 17:41
    Depends which philosopher you ask. Well, that had to be one of the more interesting sentences a second year had ever produced, at least in Gray’s presence. He certainly would not have produced it as... more
    • And not about these bits of paper — Dorian, Mon Apr 16 06:49
      • I think we will have to touch on them.Professor Wright, Mon Apr 16 15:12
        Dorian’s explanation – or explanation of inability to explain – of what had just happened scattered its tenses far and wide, its verb patterns even further, and yet Gray sort of wished it had been... more
        • Can I give you the Cliffnotes version?Dorian, Tue Apr 17 09:09
          “Right, thank you,” Dorian nodded, when Professor Wright told him that it was ‘written.’ “I mean,” he added, realising how it might have sounded like he hadn’t quite heard, “Right… correct, yes I... more
          • Sure, let's go with that.Professor Wright, Sat Apr 21 21:09
            Ah, there was the reason Dorian, at least, was in Teppenpaw instead of Aladren. Gray had to admit that the child began to seem far more alien to him with this pronouncement about his character than... more
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