Can I give you the Cliffnotes version?
Tue Apr 17, 2018 09:09

“Right, thank you,” Dorian nodded, when Professor Wright told him that it was ‘written.’ “I mean,” he added, realising how it might have sounded like he hadn’t quite heard, “Right… correct, yes I understand - with the ‘r,’” he really wanted to kick something, “Bon sang!” he muttered exasperatedly, flopping back in his chair, looking rather beaten. He was getting to the point of being thoroughly exhausted almost everyday - between operating constantly in a language that challenged him, his schoolwork, and all the extra reading he did because reading and talking about ideas and learning languages were what interested him, his brain was more often than not a little fried. And then realising how that might have sounded from his tone of voice, clarified, “I’m not swearing.

“And also not with these,” he added, glancing at the papers on the desk one more time, with their angry capital letters and proliferation of exclamation marks. He hadn’t wanted to translate them for Professor Wright, and he seemed to be being allowed that grace. And now he questioned whether that was such a good thing, because the professor could easily assume they were much, much worse than they were. He hesitated between not wanting to reveal his private thoughts, and not wanting the professor to have a worse impression of what they might be than necessary. “They do not say insults, or those kinds of things,” he assured him, trying for a middle ground of explaining but not necessarily translating. “I am not that kind of rude person, even in my own head. Just… they are thoughts of mine,” he hoped that in itself was an understandable enough reason to not really want to share them… for all that he accidentally had, “And maybe not the… right voice for how I would say out loud. I’m sorry,” he added apologetically, because for all Professor Wright seemed willing to call it an accident, he felt somewhat guilty. “I did not mean to…” to what? Shout my thoughts onto pieces of paper? Expose you to my inner monologue in angry print? Confuse you with exclamatory written French? “...whatever this is,” he gestured futilely at the sheets of parchment.

As Professor Wright asked him about controlling his magic, he bit back the response that he was thirteen years old because he was well aware that he had just done something that he couldn’t explain and that Professor Wright being willing to treat it as an accident was a good thing. But he shouldn’t be having problems like this. It was so childish. It was like being asked if he still wet the bed.

“No,” he replied, keeping his voice even, “I don’t have any more problems.” His classwork was good, he worked conscientiously and usually got good results within a reasonable time. He didn’t think to mention the sweater because he was still convinced that Jehan had left it there himself, and even all their joking about Dorian’s awesome summoning powers didn’t make him link it to the current situation, because Professor Wright had asked about problems and control and neither of those were words he associated with what had happened in the library.

His mind went back to what he’d said about Tatya…About making her clean things if she cheated. Which didn’t make much sense if he wanted a paper to mark. And then Dorian realised, the difference between ‘I don’t know that she didn’t cheat’ and ‘I think she cheated.’ A confirmed cheater would, of course, get a zero.
“Do not know that she isn’t cheater… Same as believe she may be innocent,” he summarised. “So. Do again is…” he wanted to say ‘a second chance’ but that didn’t quite fit because only people who had messed up or done wrong needed those, and he was still sure Tatya did not fall into those categories. He still did not like that Tatya had to do the work again, when he knew that she had done nothing wrong the first time, but he understood that Professor Wright was being as lenient as he was able, “is compromise,” he tried instead. It still wasn’t quite the right idea, because Tatya hadn’t really had choices, but it was the compromise Professor Wright had reached in his own head between letting her off completely when she may have cheated (even though she had not) and coming down on her hard when there was a chance that she was innocent (which she was).
“I will try to explain this way to her,” he nodded, recognising that there probably wasn’t much chance of getting back to a rational discussion at this point, and that he’d probably said as much as Professor Wright was going to listen to…

Glancing first at the professor for permission, he gathered the offending bits of parchment, making his way to the door. He hesitated… He had told Tatya that it was worth the cost to himself to try to defend her, and he stood by that remark. But… well, it would be nice to know what that cost had been.

“Professor…. Do you… dislike me now? Or… or think more low of me?” he checked.

OOC - ‘bon sang!’ I got given as the translation of ‘For crying out loud!’ though other places render it different ways, including going as strong as ‘Damnit!’ but I am assuming things close to the first translation, and Dorian’s remark about not swearing is intended to be truthful. I believe it would literally translate to ‘good blood’ which also makes it an excellent choice for Purebloods.

  • I think we will have to touch on them.Professor Wright, Mon Apr 16 15:12
    Dorian’s explanation – or explanation of inability to explain – of what had just happened scattered its tenses far and wide, its verb patterns even further, and yet Gray sort of wished it had been... more
    • Can I give you the Cliffnotes version? — Dorian, Tue Apr 17 09:09
      • Sure, let's go with that.Professor Wright, Sat Apr 21 21:09
        Ah, there was the reason Dorian, at least, was in Teppenpaw instead of Aladren. Gray had to admit that the child began to seem far more alien to him with this pronouncement about his character than... more
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