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Sure, let's go with that.
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Ah, there was the reason Dorian, at least, was in Teppenpaw instead of Aladren. Gray had to admit that the child began to seem far more alien to him with this pronouncement about his character than their language difference could have ever accounted for. Who didn’t feel at liberty to insult others all they liked in the privacy, if nowhere else, of their own heads?

Of course, the boy was quite possibly lying. People did do that to adults, and while he sometimes kind of forgot it, Gray was one of those. Lying to him was a perfectly logical thing for Dorian to do under the circumstances. But could he be telling the truth? A person who thought like that would be fascinating!

“I quite understand,” he said with a nod when Dorian failed to find a word for what it was he had not meant to do. Gray was not at all sure that was a language barrier right there, as he was not at all sure how he’d summarize it in English, either.

Dorian had no other problems. That was good. Perhaps he was just in that much of a temper and, being a Teppenpaw, he had no healthy way to express it and therefore lashed out magically when sufficiently overwhelmed. That did happen, Gray supposed – he’d heard of adults who started losing control under severe emotional stress, though for the life of him Gray couldn’t imagine what about him punishing another student would inspire that kind of rage and frustration. Perhaps it was just one of Those Days, where the perceived insult to Tatiana and the language difficulty had just…become too much. “Very good,” he said.

Also good was the fact that Dorian had apparently put together what Gray had been trying to say about the difference between a punishment and asking a student to redo a task where there were questions, but no certainties. “I – yes, that’s as good a way to put it as any,” he agreed when the arrangement was described as a compromise.

To his relief, it seemed this was enough to conclude the interview. For a moment Gray considered stopping Dorian from gathering up the bits of paper, but what on earth could he do with bits of paper with angry scrawls in a language he didn’t even understand on them? He knew a little of the art of analyzing what spells were on an object, but not that much, and he imagined the text would fade soon enough anyway – he supposed this would technically qualify as a form of conjuration. An interesting question to contemplate no doubt. He looked up in surprise from contemplating this as Dorian, near the door, asked yet another unexpected question.

“No,” said Gray, and considered whether this was too blunt and direct to be effective. “I – understand you wanted to defend your friend,” he elaborated. “That was good of you.” Though he wouldn’t suggest repeating the behavior if the next person to offend Tatiana happened to be the headmaster – but that probably fell into the realm of things it was inappropriate to say to or in the presence of students.

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    “Right, thank you,” Dorian nodded, when Professor Wright told him that it was ‘written.’ “I mean,” he added, realising how it might have sounded like he hadn’t quite heard, “Right… correct, yes I... more
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