Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
Breaking physics
Thu Aug 16, 2018 09:50

As a general rule, Jozua liked charms. It wasn’t his favorite or best class and he’d only gotten an E on his CATS, which his mom had frowned at him about, but mostly Charms was a good solid reliable class. It wasn’t even a subject where he had caused much Sparks trouble unless the charm of the day had particularly large wand motions, because it was usually just too difficult to create fire without it looking either intentional or totally incompetent.

Apparently not so this lesson.

Jozua felt and saw more than one set of eyes turning toward him as explosions and fire were mentioned as a probable side effect of trying to mess with natural physics. He sat up straighter, kept his eyes focused on the professor, and pretended not to notice. He was a model student now. He hadn’t caused a problem in class since he was cured of last year’s plague. (Unless you counted that everyone else’s plague related class trouble was indirectly his fault since he brought the illness into the school, but those incidents weren’t something he was directly or obviously responsible for.)

Though if the professor ‘would be surprised if most of you didn’t have at least one explosion’ Jozua wasn’t sure where that left him. If he didn’t have one, now that he was trying to be good, would that be a red flag that all his other explosions were less than accidental? Did that mean he had to try to explode it? But if it was as hard as Professor Wright was suggesting, he might explode it honestly and if he tried to explode what was already going to explode, it would explode even worse and that would be and that certainly wouldn’t be safe. He’d always prided himself that he’d always had complete control over his disasters. It was why he had never seen anything wrong with what he was doing until he looked at it from an outside perspective last year, when people weren’t taking him seriously when he said his magic was out of control.

So basically his only real choice - he was Teppenpaw enough that he could not imagine ever putting his classmates in any kind of real risk - was to make an honest go at the charm and hope it either blew up on its own, or nobody read too much into his success if it didn’t burst into flames.

Or maybe he could just use a simple incendio to set it ablaze afterwards if it did work out without a natural mishap. They had been refreshing theirs skills on non verbal spells lately so he could probably do it discreetly enough. He just wasn’t sure if Wright would be able to identify the difference when he looked at the damage though. Maybe save that for the worst case scenario of people giving him actual suspicious looks when everything around him was on fire and he was a quiet desk of calm. Professor Wright would be far too busy at that point to bother trying to figure out whether Jozua’s ashes were consistent with the kinds of ashes he was expecting.

He supposed he ought to get on with it then. He started by putting everything flammable on his desk into his bag and casting a fire retardant charm on that. (He was really good at those; if the CATS had asked more questions about how to create or stop fire, he totally would have gotten an O.)

Step one: Two broad circles. Had he wanted to intentionally increase his chance of fire, he would make those extra broad - his wand was prone to volatility with large motions - so he was careful not to do that. He spoke the first word clearly, then gave a sharp (but not too sharp) flick, finishing the second half of the incantation as he tapped the inside of his box.

And . . . no boom. Not even a little smoke.

He stuck his finger into the box. It wasn’t a lot bigger on the inside than it had been, certainly not large enough to put his textbook in yet, but it was a little bigger. He could probably lay his quill in there now. So it had worked. He broke physics. And it hadn’t blown up or caught fire or anything.

Jozua wasn’t sure whether he ought to be proud of himself, terrified of discovery, or just plain disappointed that there was no boom.

He kinda missed the booms.

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