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Kyte Collindale, Pecari
It works because it does
Sat Sep 1, 2018 19:34

Kyte initially thought he had made a mistake when he sat down in Charms and Professor Wright started talking, and then just kept talking, and talked some more and then there were even slides. It definitely seemed like he had stumbled into a theory class by mistake, and he wasn’t supposed to take those. They had all agreed that there was no point in him taking those. The teachers may as well have been speaking a foreign language, and his attempts to write answers to the questions they posed just hurt everybody. They definitely hurt his brain, and judging by some of the angriness of the red ink captions he’d gotten on his way to fifth year, they hurt his teachers too. Professor Nash in particular looked particularly upset every time Kyte handed in any form of written work, like he was questioning the whole worth of having set it. It had almost become like a fun challenge to see how many times he could make the man write ‘No!’ on his homework. His record was twenty-seven, which included a straight three steak with exclamation marks of ‘No no NO!!!’ when he had mentioned the role of crystal healing in treating lycanthropy. He also hadn’t passed the theory part of his CATS, so there was definitely no point trying to teach him RATS level material. Given that this reduced the number of classes he had to take dramatically, he actually had paid more attention to the class syllabus than ever before, and was actually pretty attentive to his schedule, because just… the risk of being exposed to advanced theory was not one he was willing to take. He was much more likely to make the mistake in the other direction, and accidentally skip a practical lesson. He was pretty handy with a wand though, and if he scraped together enough practical classes, he would be given some sort of official piece of paper that said he had technically completed high school. Which was pretty crazy. Before him and Raine, no one in their family had sat a national exam, much less passed one (or even two, as Raine had done with her CATS) and now they might both technically graduate high school. That was like… kind of a big deal. Even though it still seemed all sort of pointless.

Case in point, when Professor Wright eventually finished talking, it turned out they were doing undetectable extension charms. That didn’t seem like such a big deal that needed like… a marathon lecture. His family travelled. They lived in tents and out of bags. They cooked meals for a crazy extended family in a single skillet over a fire. Kyte was more confused when he found any kind of object that wasn’t bigger on the inside than the outside. And his family definitely didn’t know any of the things Professor Wright had just said. He could have learnt just as fancy magic at home on the road, only without the snoresome lecture to proceed it. The only benefits to the slides had been that the second one was kind of trippy - like if you unfocussed your eyes on purpose it went kinda swirly.

He took the box that was offered. He reviewed the notes on the spell - by which he meant the wand movement and the incantation, none of that fancy stuff - and gave it a whirl.

It was quite possibly one of the strangest examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect at work. In spite of having just sat through a lecture on physics which had not understood a single word of, Kyte remained entirely ignorant of just how little he knew. He knew that Professor Wright had just said a bunch of stuff that he didn’t get, but he really did not believe it be actual worthwhile knowledge that was necessary to perform the spell, seeing as his family did it all the time. As far as he was concerned, it worked because it did, because it was magic. And this was where the psychology interacted in interested ways with magic. Because self-belief was a large proportion of what made a spell work. Knowing the minutest amount about physics would probably be someone’s undoing on this task. Any level of physics knowledge higher than zero but less than full understanding was probably going to trip up his classmates. Kyte knew precisely and perfectly nothing about the science, but did know that objects were frequently (in fact, almost always, in his experience) bigger on the inside.

He opened his box and stuck his fist inside.

“This is fun,” he grinned at his neighbour.

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    • It works because it does — Kyte Collindale, Pecari, Sat Sep 1 19:34
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