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OOC - Professor Wright’s part supplied by his author.

“Nice!” Kyte beamed, with genuine enthusiasm when Zevalyn’s box burst into flames. He didn’t have much time to enjoy it though, as Zevalyn’s shriek meant that, within seconds, Professor Wright had swept over and extinguished the box. Having confirmed Zevalyn was all right and provided her with a new box, he left again. Kyte gave a disappointed sigh. The teachers were no fun. Zevalyn’s firebox hadn’t been hurting anyone.

“D’you reckon you can do that again? I love when stuff catches on fire,” Kyte informed her. “Or explodes,” he added, glancing around with anticipation at Jozua, who was usually pretty good for that kind of thing. He had taken in enough of the lesson to process the fact that explosions were pretty likely, which had sounded like a plus point to him. Kyte gave a slight sigh on noticing that the other boy’s box was still whole. “Aww, no fun,” he mumbled.

He returned his attention to the person next to him. He hadn’t ever given Zevalyn a whole lot of thought before, other than the default imagining what she might look like with fewer clothes, which he gave to almost all his classmates. He guessed she ranked quite high up that list, although those positionings were apt to change based on who was in closest proximity. There were a lot of really attractive people at Sonora. Zevalyn was also a cool name.

“Zevalyn’s a cool name,” he informed her, having strayed out of nudity thoughts (which he’d learnt it was best to keep to himself) and back into things that he could say out loud to other people. “Zevalyn. It’s fun to say too,” he realised. He hadn’t really had much cause to say her name before, but it really was “Zevalyn,” he said again, “Zzevvalyn. It’s kinda buzzy. Zzzzevvvalyn. Zevalyn,” he continued repeating her name, drawing out the consonants to differing lengths and enjoying how they sounded and felt. .

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    Given that she had made it through muggle middle school and therefore actually had a solid background in science, Zevalyn felt she had a better chance of understanding Professor Wright than most of... more
    • Zzzzzzeeevvvvvalyn — Kyte, Sun Sep 30 04:57
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