Professor Wright
Practice what you preach, Beginners.
Fri Nov 9, 2018 14:38

There were, Gray thought, some mornings when the air felt like it might press him flat as a pancake. Mornings when his head did not quite hurt and his stomach did not quite hurt but he still didn’t feel like getting out of bed anyway. It was the kind of day when he thought people more adventurous than himself might have run off with a band, or spent money they didn’t have, or at least gotten drunk.

Since he was not particularly adventurous, though, he had reluctantly roused himself and taken the unusual step of consuming coffee at breakfast. Unfortunately, it seemed the coffee was only half-operational – it made his proto-stomachache advance to a proper one, but did not seem to clear his head at all. He was distinctly grumpy as he went to teach his classes for the day, and though he tried not to take it out on students, he was considerably more abrupt than usual as he said, “settle down, let’s get started,” to the Beginner class.

“As you all know,” he continued, “Exams are nearly upon us. Your exams will have two parts: a written exam, where you’ll have to answer questions about incantations and magical theory, and a practical section, where you’ll be asked to perform charms. Today, you’re going to help each other study for these two parts of your exams.

“Divide into pairs and then come up here. There are two stacks of papers on my desk. Each of you will take a sheet from one stack. On each sheet is a list of charms which will appear on your exams. Take turns. One of you will perform the wand motion for one of the charms on your list, and the other will identify the charm and its incantation. Once you’ve done that, the other will perform a wand movement and the first student will identify the charm and its incantation. Write down any charms you miss for further revision.” He did not expect any of the students to get this assignment perfectly right today. “It’s a participation grade, so you’re only hurting yourself now and later if you try to lie about your results or slack off in class today,” he warned them. “Begin.”

OOC: The Harry Potter Wiki has lists of charms for first and second years at Hogwarts here:; use this as the basis for your lists. All posting rules apply. Tag me here or on the OOC, or catch me in Chatzy, if you have any questions. Have fun!

    • Happy day! Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Thu Nov 15 20:15
      Evelyn might've jumped from her seat to hug Professor Wright when he announced the plan for today. If it hadn't been totally weird, she literally might've. As it was, she settled for beaming at... more
      • You are far too excited. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Thu Nov 29 11:51
        Julius was neither happy nor unhappy about the content of Professor Wright's lesson though he was quietly confident that he knew the spells that would appear on the paper. Charms and Potions were his ... more
        • I know right??Evelyn Stones, Wed Dec 5 18:16
          Evelyn waved a hand, dismissing the offer with a smile. She was riding this happy until it fizzled (which it would) and there wasn't a chance she wasn't going to use it to her benefit. "I'll come... more
          • I'm glad you know. Julius Astley, Wed Dec 5 20:36
            "I would tend to disagree," Julius admitted to the girl. He had found her particularly helpful, though perhaps not in the ways she expected. Having her there, sitting beside him, had help calm his... more
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