Evelyn Stones, Pecari
Happy day!
Thu Nov 15, 2018 20:15

Evelyn might've jumped from her seat to hug Professor Wright when he announced the plan for today. If it hadn't been totally weird, she literally might've. As it was, she settled for beaming at someone who she decided might have a place as top favorite professors. It was hit or miss in a Charms class though, so she settled on being grateful for now.

Magical theory? No problem. Wand motions and identification with no need to perform actual magic?
Perfect! Evelyn was in paradise.

She breathed a happy sigh and turned to find a partner. Happy to work with anybody for an activity like this, she sort of hoped either Ness or Malikhi would be available. Ness would be a particularly helpful partner and Malikhi would be a particularly sad one, but at least he'd be willing to work with her and he could probably use the cheering up that would come from a reasonably happy Evelyn. At the same time, she'd had the pleasure of meeting more people than she'd expected to, and as she looked around at the faces of Katerina, Heinrich, Julius, and others that she knew to varying degrees, she realized she'd be pretty happy working with almost anyone.

She let fate decide for her and took a moment to pretend to dig something out of her book bag -- settling on retrieving a new pot of ink rather than actually just digging for nothing -- until a student approached her.

"Hello!" she said happily, smiling a vibrant green smile at them, lipstick courtesy of Malikhi. "I'm so relieved today is theory. Do you want to work together?"

  • Practice what you preach, Beginners.Professor Wright, Fri Nov 9 14:38
    There were, Gray thought, some mornings when the air felt like it might press him flat as a pancake. Mornings when his head did not quite hurt and his stomach did not quite hurt but he still didnít... more
    • Happy day! — Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Thu Nov 15 20:15
      • You are far too excited. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Thu Nov 29 11:51
        Julius was neither happy nor unhappy about the content of Professor Wright's lesson though he was quietly confident that he knew the spells that would appear on the paper. Charms and Potions were his ... more
        • I know right??Evelyn Stones, Wed Dec 5 18:16
          Evelyn waved a hand, dismissing the offer with a smile. She was riding this happy until it fizzled (which it would) and there wasn't a chance she wasn't going to use it to her benefit. "I'll come... more
          • I'm glad you know. Julius Astley, Wed Dec 5 20:36
            "I would tend to disagree," Julius admitted to the girl. He had found her particularly helpful, though perhaps not in the ways she expected. Having her there, sitting beside him, had help calm his... more
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