Evelyn Stones
I know right??
Wed Dec 5, 2018 18:16

Evelyn waved a hand, dismissing the offer with a smile. She was riding this happy until it fizzled (which it would) and there wasn't a chance she wasn't going to use it to her benefit. "I'll come with you," she said, standing up and accompanying Julius. "You've been so busy with the paper and with everything else, and I know I wasn't a lot of help at our first meeting," she added. "The least I can do is get the papers with you."

She wasn't actually sure why Julius would have chosen to work with her considering their track record for such things so far. Between some very odd potions, smacking him in the gut during herbology, and her utter lack of helpful ideas the rest of the time, she hadn't set herself up as a great academic mind. She supposed that's why she was Evelyn Stones, though, and not... anybody else. Still, the idea made her tummy feel warm.

"I'm glad you came over to work with me," she added in a much softer voice, knowing that her overexuberance would likely seem overbearing for someone as reserved as Julius. "I actually feel pretty good about magic theory, and it's always nice to work with you."

  • You are far too excited. Julius Astley, Crotalus, Thu Nov 29 11:51
    Julius was neither happy nor unhappy about the content of Professor Wright's lesson though he was quietly confident that he knew the spells that would appear on the paper. Charms and Potions were his ... more
    • I know right?? — Evelyn Stones, Wed Dec 5 18:16
      • I'm glad you know. Julius Astley, Wed Dec 5 20:36
        "I would tend to disagree," Julius admitted to the girl. He had found her particularly helpful, though perhaps not in the ways she expected. Having her there, sitting beside him, had help calm his... more
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