Julius Astley
I'm glad you know.
Wed Dec 5, 2018 20:36

"I would tend to disagree," Julius admitted to the girl. He had found her particularly helpful, though perhaps not in the ways she expected. Having her there, sitting beside him, had help calm his nerves and put his doubts to rest - he had worried that, given he was only a first year, that the older students who were involved in the paper wouldn't listen to him. He was pleased that that hadn't been the case and the paper had been progressing well since their first meeting.

Once they reached Professor Wright's desk, Julius reached out to pluck a sheet of paper from the left pile and curiously read through the list. His first thoughts were rather positive. At first glance, he was pretty sure that he knew most of the spells written on the sheet. This was good.

He looked up, raising an eyebrow at the girl as she said that it was nice to work with him. Nobody else had said that to him before and, indeed, nobody else particularly went of their way to work with him anyway - possibly because the other students had people that they'd much rather work with. Or maybe it was because he was Julius Astley of the Californian Astleys and the Chasseloup de Laubats of France and perhaps the others didn't want to work with someone who was practically royalty and embarrass themselves? Yes, that was also plausible.

"Thank you," he said, somewhat stiffly as he was unsure how to respond to such a comment. Then, not knowing what to do next he asked, "Would you like to go first?"

  • I know right??Evelyn Stones, Wed Dec 5 18:16
    Evelyn waved a hand, dismissing the offer with a smile. She was riding this happy until it fizzled (which it would) and there wasn't a chance she wasn't going to use it to her benefit. "I'll come... more
    • I'm glad you know. — Julius Astley, Wed Dec 5 20:36
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