Kyte Collindale, Pecari
I am thoroughly against restriction
Thu Dec 6, 2018 07:23

Kyte kicked back, not paying much attention to Professor Wright’s threats about essays or his little game of good news-bad news. Kyte no longer had to do written work. Professor Skies had made vague suggestions that he at least try some of the homeworks because they were bound to aid his practical understanding but he didn’t really think even the essay-loving Deputy Headmistress had really meant that, or thought that he would take the suggestion on board. Kyte did not do written work. He was academically incapable, and he only hurt himself and others when he tried.

There was a lot of talking today. Kyte let the lecture wash over him. He ran through broom tricks for a bit in his head - he’d been having trouble with the landing on this particular stunt for a while, but he couldn’t see where he was going wrong… Still, it was hard to tell from just going over the trick in his head. It was hard enough to tell even when he was doing it. He probably needed someone else to watch him and give him some feedback… Given that he couldn’t really fix the trick just by thinking about it (if only!) he let his mind wander onto mentally undressing the nearest attractive classmate instead.

His mind mostly returned to the lesson when Professor Wright uttered the key phrase ‘Which brings us onto your assignment today.’ Right, cool. Time to learn some…. Something. Probably about… secrets? But then Professor Wright wasn’t explaining a spell, he was assigning them sides. And Kyte was apparently ‘no - there should not be legal restrictions’ on some kind of secretsing magic. Damn. It had finally happened. He had wandered into a theory class by mistake. He considered just standing up and walking out. The Professor would get it. He was not meant to be here. But he was also pretty sure that the instruction he’d just been given (based on the limited amount he’d understood) was ‘rail against the government’ and Kyte was pretty ace at that. It was like Defence class again, where he’d been asked to like… define the nature of the self or something (he’d already kinda forgotten) and had been pretty on it. Theory had finally got so random it was within his skillset. Hotdamn. Why had no one told him this was a possibility? Not that he actually wanted to sit theory papers, nor regretted the hours of extra free time he’d had. This way - where it occasionally came up as a pleasant surprise - was much better than trying to do it properly.

Professor Wright had only given them five minutes, which wasn’t really a long time when you had to work through the fact that you were accidentally in a theory class but, even more surprisingly, were kind of okay with this revelation, and so Kyte hadn’t really got as far as making any actual notes when they were called on to debate. Still, that wasn’t really a big deal. Notes weren’t important.

Ben approached him and he gave him a grin that fully acknowledged how funny it was that he, Kyte, was here right now.

“No one needs restrictions, man,” he replied when Ben asked about arguing for them, “Restrictions are whack. Who’s gonna put them in place? The government,” he said, in a tone that suggested that settled the point that it was a thoroughly bad idea. “This is just a scam to put The Trace back on adults. They’ve been angling for that for years.”

  • Yes-Man looking for No-FolkBen Pierce, Pecari, Tue Nov 6 14:02
    Ben chortled into his hand as Professor Wright introduced the class to the wizarding world’s side of The Wizard of Oz. To be truthful, Ben hadn’t know wizardkind had a side on that story, but somehow ... more
    • I am thoroughly against restriction — Kyte Collindale, Pecari, Thu Dec 6 07:23
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