Angelique Brockert,Crotalus
It depends on the situation
Sat Dec 22, 2018 18:39

There were still way too many days left until Angelique graduated. Of course, at the point she was at, one more day was one too many but still. Each second felt like minutes, each minute felt like an hour each hour felt like a day and so on. She very much did not want to be here anymore. In fact, Angelique had stopped wanting to be here some time within her first year.

So she looked at Professor Wright with a bored expression on her face. It wasn't really his fault nor was she any more bored by his class than any other. Many people, if they were friendless and alone at boarding school, would use the extra time to put extra effort into their studies but that wasn't really Angelique's thing. She simply wasn't that interested.

What was her thing ,what she needed desperately, was to socialize with others. Angelique was a really outgoing person and thrived being around people. Plus, she really did have a need to be well-liked and popular. And she wasn't popular. Not here anyway.

Okay, so the Crotalus had found substitutes such as writing to her friends who didn't go to school at Sonora-she really lived for Devin's letters especially-and talking to portraits and whatnot but it wasn't the same. And it wasn't enough.

If it hadn't been for Certain People, then maybe Angelique could have adjusted and tried to befriend people who were different than she was, but Those People-one person really-had insisted on taking over, hogging up everyone as their friend so there was nobody left for Angelique. Since everyone else-except Tasha and Daniel-had been friends with this person who was just too different from the Crotalus for her to have ever befriended, and had indeed not wanted her anyway, Angelique was alone. It had been cemented for sure at the bonfire her first year when the other girls in their year group aside from her and Tasha shared a tent. Lines had been drawn then about who was and wasn't part of the group with herself firmly not.

Then That Person had left, but the damage had been done. Angelique just hoped that wherever That Person had gone, she was an outcast. It would serve her right.

The seventh year was, however, happy when Professor Wright mentioned that they would not have to write a big paper on magically binding agreements. She did not like writing research papers at all. They were seriously boring.

However, Angelique didn't really like what they were doing today either. How could she be expected to think of clear and convincing arguments in five minutes? Thankfully, she was on the side of the room that was doing the opinion she agreed with, which was that no, there shouldn't be restrictions.

She wrote down. It is wrong to restrict all but the most dangerous magic. Some things need to be kept secret for people's safety Of course, Angelique also believed that these things should be entered into willingly instead of people being tricked.

Georgia Kirkly approached her smiling and the Crotalus smiled back warmly, happy to see a friendly face for once. She knew the younger girl a little from choir and generally did think fairly well of her even though they weren't close by any means. "Oh, I have that I'm basically against restricting magic in all but the most extreme situations and that some secrets need to be kept for the sake of people's safety such as the Statute of Secrecy. I mean, some people aren't very tolerant of magical folk. They think we're evil."

Angelique paused. "Actually I don't feel very passionate about this topic either way. I'm just doing this because it's the assignment. And we didn't have nearly enough time to come up with reasons for what we're arguing. Like, I don't think we should restrict it but I don't think people should be tricked into these agreements either."

  • I think honesty is the best policy Georgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 7 07:09
    Georgia took a seat in Charms. Her essay on Protean Charms was ninety percent done and she did a decent job of keeping her face neutral when Professor Wright mentioned them. She wasn't sure whether... more
    • It depends on the situation — Angelique Brockert,Crotalus, Sat Dec 22 18:39
      • Yeah... I guess?Georgia, Mon Dec 24 14:00
        Angelique wasn’t her first choice of partner, but it had never seemed like she was really awful, and she was returning her smile at least. Georgia took a seat, trying not to feel nervous or fat, two... more
        • You don't sound very sureAngelique, Thu Dec 27 00:05
          Oh good, Georgia didn't seem to really care any more about the topic than Angelique did. That meant she wouldn't have to argue and get defensive and worry about being wrong. It often seemed like... more
          • Yeah, well... nor do youGeorgia, Sat Dec 29 13:53
            “Right. That would be… bad,” Georgia nodded, as Angelique brought up magically binding contracts, or rather being tricked into them, again. Clearly she thought that point was super important. And... more
            • Because I'm really notAngelique, Sun Dec 30 17:46
              Oh, crud, she'd made a point for the side she was supposed to be arguing against. Angelique had always thought of herself as a very convincing person until she got to Sonora. She'd spent her... more
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