Yeah... I guess?
Mon Dec 24, 2018 14:00

Angelique wasn’t her first choice of partner, but it had never seemed like she was really awful, and she was returning her smile at least. Georgia took a seat, trying not to feel nervous or fat, two feelings that being anywhere near the Pureblood girls was naturally inclined to produce. From the impression Georgia had gathered in class, Angelique wasn’t exactly an intellectual heavy weight. There was no reason why Georgia shouldn’t manage well enough in the actual class activity. And Angelique had always been decent enough to her at choir.

“Right, same,” Georgia admitted, as Angelique told her that she wasn’t super into the topic. Georgia found herself relaxing a little more at that. It really feel like they could just chat a bit about the pros and cons, maybe even gripe about their classes, and get the credit. “He said we don’t have to like… win or whatever. Just so long as we’re discussing the pros and cons. So, I guess if either of us come up with things for either side, it’s ok really.

“Um, I was “in favour” of restriction,” she added, doing air quotes to show her opinion was just as prescribed as Angelique’s, “Because… okay, like all the reasons I could think of for needing this spell would involve really complex situations where a bunch of.. Um… officials,” she hesitated, always feeling slightly off kilter when she had to get into technical words about the wizarding world. Not that she was sure she’d be any better at describing Muggle politics and government agencies. She just did not have her finger on those kinds of pulses, “would already be involved. Like… uh, do you use the phrase ‘witness protection’? Like, when you need to hide someone cos they know something. Surely like there’s already going to be a bunch of… people involved in that. So making sure the secret spell casting wizard is one of them just seems to make sense. It also means you know the spell’s been done properly. I mean, it’s super hard and it’s basically like a life or death thing if you mess it up, so wouldn’t you want to know someone competent is casting it?” She wasn't sure she was doing much to counter or address Angelique's points. She was more just... saying the stuff she had thought up. But she was pretty sure they'd both just agreed that was kind of ok. They just had to say vaguely coherent stuff and they'd be good.

  • It depends on the situationAngelique Brockert,Crotalus, Sat Dec 22 18:39
    There were still way too many days left until Angelique graduated. Of course, at the point she was at, one more day was one too many but still. Each second felt like minutes, each minute felt like an ... more
    • Yeah... I guess? — Georgia, Mon Dec 24 14:00
      • You don't sound very sureAngelique, Thu Dec 27 00:05
        Oh good, Georgia didn't seem to really care any more about the topic than Angelique did. That meant she wouldn't have to argue and get defensive and worry about being wrong. It often seemed like... more
        • Yeah, well... nor do youGeorgia, Sat Dec 29 13:53
          “Right. That would be… bad,” Georgia nodded, as Angelique brought up magically binding contracts, or rather being tricked into them, again. Clearly she thought that point was super important. And... more
          • Because I'm really notAngelique, Sun Dec 30 17:46
            Oh, crud, she'd made a point for the side she was supposed to be arguing against. Angelique had always thought of herself as a very convincing person until she got to Sonora. She'd spent her... more
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