You don't sound very sure
Thu Dec 27, 2018 00:05

Oh good, Georgia didn't seem to really care any more about the topic than Angelique did. That meant she wouldn't have to argue and get defensive and worry about being wrong. It often seemed like everyone thought she was the one in the wrong.

Whenever Angelique got assignments where she had to work with someone, she was always worried that she was going to end up disagreeing with them because she was different than they were, with different interests and probably different values and in some cases, they weren't going to agree with the Crotalus no matter what. Obviously, certain people over-valued both sports themselves and those who were good at them. This was especially true of those who had any sort of exposure to the muggle world. There were purebloods like that too but with those who weren't of her social class and blood status, very few of them were like her.

Which would have been fine, except that Angelique ended up in a year group full of that sort and she was the one who was alone. She needed to get out of here badly, to be around people whom she understood and whom understood her. The seventh year felt like a major misfit and she wasn't supposed to ever feel that way. It was like she was trapped in some bizzare alternate universe.

Georgia, however, wasn't too bad even though Angelique thought she might have played Quidditch one year. Actually, she felt a bit of sympathy for the other girl, it couldn't have been easy being overweight in any sort of society. Pureblood society wanted girls who were pretty-and Angelique supposed Georgia was cute enough despite her size, but their society could be really harsh on people who didn't fit the mold, it was just that Angelique happened to fit it very well-and muggle society wanted jocks which, unless they were beaters maybe, wasn't something that really went with being overweight.

She guessed it wasn't easy to be different no matter what. Okay, the lesson had been learned and Angelique had had enough. Still, she would remember to be kind to those who were different in the future. Unless, of course, said person who was different was a jock and then they'd get no sympathy from her, period.

"I get the idea of what you mean by witness protection" Angelique replied. ""And you're correct, I think. I don't know a lot about that kind of stuff." She continued "However, if more people know how to cast it right then it shouldn't be a problem. I think the biggest problem is when people trick others into making a magically binding contract."

  • Yeah... I guess?Georgia, Mon Dec 24 14:00
    Angelique wasn’t her first choice of partner, but it had never seemed like she was really awful, and she was returning her smile at least. Georgia took a seat, trying not to feel nervous or fat, two... more
    • You don't sound very sure — Angelique, Thu Dec 27 00:05
      • Yeah, well... nor do youGeorgia, Sat Dec 29 13:53
        “Right. That would be… bad,” Georgia nodded, as Angelique brought up magically binding contracts, or rather being tricked into them, again. Clearly she thought that point was super important. And... more
        • Because I'm really notAngelique, Sun Dec 30 17:46
          Oh, crud, she'd made a point for the side she was supposed to be arguing against. Angelique had always thought of herself as a very convincing person until she got to Sonora. She'd spent her... more
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