Yeah, well... nor do you
Sat Dec 29, 2018 13:53

“Right. That would be… bad,” Georgia nodded, as Angelique brought up magically binding contracts, or rather being tricked into them, again. Clearly she thought that point was super important. And Georgia… agreed. She tried to bully her brain into doing something more than stating that yeah, that sounded bad, because that seemed really obvious. She wasn’t even sure that magically binding contracts were the same as what they were meant to be discussing, which had sounded more like a spell but Professor Wright had also mentioned the contract thingies and maybe they were part of this? She didn’t want to risk sounding ignorant about the magical world, and therefore didn’t really feel super comfortable asking for clarification. But, even without being sure about whether they were part of this or not, surely saying that trickery was bad was an argument for her side, not Angelique’s?

“But… um…. Wouldn’t that be an argument for restrictions? Because if you’re controlling who can do these spells and making sure they’re only done through official channels, then there’s less risk of them being done in any way that’s wrong - either the magic of the spell itself going wrong or a way that’s like… morally wrong. Like tricking someone.”

  • You don't sound very sureAngelique, Thu Dec 27 00:05
    Oh good, Georgia didn't seem to really care any more about the topic than Angelique did. That meant she wouldn't have to argue and get defensive and worry about being wrong. It often seemed like... more
    • Yeah, well... nor do you — Georgia, Sat Dec 29 13:53
      • Because I'm really notAngelique, Sun Dec 30 17:46
        Oh, crud, she'd made a point for the side she was supposed to be arguing against. Angelique had always thought of herself as a very convincing person until she got to Sonora. She'd spent her... more
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