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Sun Dec 30, 2018 17:46

Oh, crud, she'd made a point for the side she was supposed to be arguing against. Angelique had always thought of herself as a very convincing person until she got to Sonora. She'd spent her childhood getting what she wanted. Of course, there was a difference in a-supposedly-intellectual debate about a charm and giving her father puppy dog eyes and cuddling up to him to get a new toy or dress. Those were not tactics that the Crotalus wanted to apply or thought would work on Georgia.

"Well, that's because I don't care enough about the topic, I guess." Angelique replied. "But what I meant was that if you're getting someone to do a magically binding contract, you should tell them and make sure they're okay with it. I don't think we should be teaching everyone to do, say, the Unbreakable Vow because there are some really unscrupulous people out there." Topaz "But with the Fidelius Charm....I mean, I'm not the most into studying and learning but I don't really like the idea of there being lines drawn between people because certain people can do a kind of magic and others can't. It's just going to lead to more divisions between people and there are plenty of those already whether along blood lines or house lines." Or between athletes and non-athletes.

She continued. "I know there are things like occlumency and legilimency that are restricted but legilimency is something that actually goes into someone's mind and is invasive. I certainly wouldn't want people knowing my thoughts. However, the Fidelius Charm isn't the same thing. Also, there's no point in restricting something so long and complicated anyway, because those factors might be enough to dissuade people."

"Besides," Angelique went on. "It's a slippery slope and before too long all sorts of magic are being restricted and we can barely do anything."

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    “Right. That would be… bad,” Georgia nodded, as Angelique brought up magically binding contracts, or rather being tricked into them, again. Clearly she thought that point was super important. And... more
    • Because I'm really not — Angelique, Sun Dec 30 17:46
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