Professor Wright
Welcome back, Advanced students (VI-VII Years)
Fri Jan 25, 2019 23:30

Summer had gone relatively well. Gray had finished three-fourths, he estimated, of a draft of a novel about working as a private tutor, and had started rewriting it, only now transformed into historical fiction. He was fairly sure it was utter trash of no real literary worth, particularly since the move back in time made it even more tempting to throw in a random murder mystery for no real reason, but that probably increased his odds of selling it. One step closer to figuring out whatever it was rich people did with their time and why some of it was apparently fun.

For now, however, he was still required to work in order to do…much of anything, so he made a valiant effort at putting on a tie for the first time in two months and showed up to his Advanced class on time. For the most part, he looked the same as he had before the summer, with the exception that he had gotten new glasses frames (they were the same shape as his old ones, but the frames were thinner, and the wire dark brown instead of black). For the most part, he thought they did as well, with the exception of the combination of people in the room having changed slightly. Given the changeability of the younger years, however, this was all comfortingly familiar.

“Hello, everyone,” he said. “And welcome back.

“So, to begin – why are we here?” he asked the class, leaning back against his desk. “Anyone? What is the purpose of this class?”

For most of them, frankly, it was to obtain a certification. For him, he was just here for the paycheck. But there were forms to be observed.

“One way to describe the major goal of advanced Charms is the pursuit of quintessence,” he informed them, or rather reminded the seventh years. “Or, if you want to use more modern terminology – studying what magic is. What is magic in and of itself – Where does it come from? Is it something we generate when we cast spells, or is it something that exists outside of us? Most researchers today agree that the answer is that it does – exist on its own, but they disagree about what that looks like.

“You’re not going to answer those questions in this class,” he said bluntly. “But this is a structure we’ll use over the course of this class to think about what we’re doing, with a view toward your RATS essays.” There was no point getting too abstract here. “So we’re going to begin with the question – why can you get away with a vague visualization when using non-verbal magic, but why can you not get away with incorrect pronunciation when you cast a spell verbally?

“Your homework will be a two-foot research paper about the connections and differences between Charms visualization and Transfiguration visualization – I know not all of you are in Advanced Transfiguration, but the library has a lot of good books just about the relationship between these subjects and I’ll accept as much as you should know from passing Intermediates.” There was a difference between ‘would accept’ and ‘would give top marks to’, but this was something he expected Advanced students to know without having it spelled out to them in detail.

“For your class assignment today, we’re going to work on non-verbally changing the properties of an object – casting a concealing charm on the writing on a note. You can write what you like, then try to conceal it. I encourage you all to start practicing other small charms, too. If there aren’t any questions, you can begin.”

OOC: You should all know by now to follow site rules and posting minimums, but here’s your warning for the sake of good form. Creativity and detail are the routes to maximum points, and feel free to speculate about theory and come up with an incantation for the Concealing Charm (just not to use it out loud where Gray can hear). Tag me here or on OOC if you have any questions and have fun!

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