Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
Is it summer yet?
Wed Jan 30, 2019 12:44

Jozua didn’t want to hold the Head Boy thing against Finn. Well, that was the easy part. He liked his roommate, they got along fine, and he was sure Finn would be a great Head Boy. Honestly, Jozua didn’t really even want the badge; it was just a lot of extra work for very little reward, and it wasn’t like Lily was the Head Girl anyway. If Lily had won instead of Zevalyn, then he might have had a real jealousy problem, but he wanted no part of being Head Students with Zevalyn Ives. She seemed the type who would make extra work for them to do. For ‘efficiency’.

So then why was he so put out with the entire Advanced class for not voting him into the position? It made no sense at all and he couldn’t figure out what his own problem was.

Maybe it was just that he felt he was a little more qualified than Finn was. Jozua was the one who started a club. Jozua was the one on the Quidditch team. Jozua was the one who was voted most involved for the yearbook. Jozua was the one dating a prefect and good friends with last year’s Head Boy. And he still hadn’t won. And what exactly were Finn’s credentials, huh? He was a butterfly?

Finn only got it because nobody forgave Jozua for being a firebug during his first four years here. Finn got it because Jozua was the one who brought the plague into Sonora, and getting the whole school quarantined wasn’t the kind of thing Head Boys did. That was why Finn got elected. And that was why Jozua was angry about it.

Because he lost it not because Finn was better but because he was worse.

He slumped unhappily into his Charms seat and just wished the year was over already. The sooner he graduated, the sooner he could get away from people who thought he was actively irresponsible, the sooner he could start studying curse breaking, and the sooner he could start the adventure of his life.

Well, he supposed first he needed to apply somewhere, get accepted, and earn the RATS required for his program. Which meant he was going to have to actually pay attention to whatever it was Professor Wright was saying.

He tuned in and decided he hadn’t missed much, if anything. Professor Wright was still talking about the purpose of taking advanced Charms, probably for the sixth years. Jozua was tempted to tune out again, but he was still feeling a bit stung that his classmates felt he wasn’t responsible enough to be the Head Boy, so to spite their opinion, he did pay attention. So there. He was super responsible. He was listening to Professor Wright talk about the purpose of Charms without nodding off or glazing over.

Soon enough, the actual practical lesson was broached, and Jozua found it both interesting and possibly even applicable to his future degree. He scrawled out his his mostly legible handwriting, “I am going to study curse breaking next year, what about you?” then used his wand to non-verbally conceal the writing.

He had actually gotten quite good at non-verbal magic since it was introduced to him last year. He thought it was fun, and it was really useful in duels because it got harder for his opponent to know what kind of defense to use if they didn’t hear the incantation. So he’d practiced it quite a bit already, and concealing charms were not really as difficult as some of the hexes and jinxes he’d already mastered non-verbally. So the words vanished away without a trace on his first try.

He passed it over to his neighbor. “You want to try revealing what I wrote?”

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