Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw
Will settle for essay writing time
Fri Feb 1, 2019 07:32

Kir had pretty much aced his CATS, which wasn't really a surprise. He had always been strong, academically, and whilst he couldn't deny that having a girlfriend was sometimes a distraction, it definitely helped that she was a year older, so had already sat the same exams and had none of her own, and had a pretty serious work ethic. He had been made to stick to his revision with no kisses until he could, for example, recite the twelve uses of dragon’s blood. It was a pretty good incentive scheme. There was also wanting to be able to rub it in Winston’s face that someone who “didn’t exist” and came from a “dead” family could ace every fricking exam. He had the scores to do that, should it prove necessary, although he had refrained so far.

He couldn’t keep every subject, and he had dropped both Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology, both with some regret. There were bound to be some really cool creatures and plants. But he wanted to focus on practical magics that he would use in daily life, and make room for taking his history and social studies more seriously. He had enjoyed studying with Jozua last year and was hoping that was something he could continue, and also turn into some form of actual credit towards something. He wasn't entirely sure what he wanted to, long term. Well, work for his family's charity, somehow. But there were lots of elements within that. Law, campaigning, publicity, counseling... He leant more to the legal/campaign based areas. Something to do with people and systems and how they worked. Studying politics seemed like it would cover most of the right bases. And then he could change the world. Or something.

First, he had to get through advanced classes. Which were kicking off with "Why are we here?" Kir suspected that this was meant on some deeper level than "because we signed up to be" or "because it is 2.15 on a weekday." Kir was not against philosophising in general but he thought he wanted slightly more guidance of which elements of ‘we’ and ‘here’ Professor Wright was getting at before he attempted to tackle such a question. Luckily, Professor Wright promptly informed them they were pursuing quintessence. Neat. Luckily, he also explained what that meant. The questions he put to them were pretty cool, and Kir found himself looking forward to researching his essay. In fact, he began by jotting down the first few thoughts that came into his head, the very first being ‘Can’t you?’ next to incorrect pronunciation. People had accents. And ok, accents weren’t incorrect - people spoke how they spoke, but spells worked in spite of variation in pronunciation (the words ‘accents, variations - innate concept of ‘wrongness’ vs ‘rightness’ - does magic know that it is ‘right’ for an individual?’ went down on the parchment, followed by ‘muffled/speech affected by being jinxed - better to keep it in your head?’ - if you got hit with something that affected your pronunciation, were you better off trying to say the spell in your mind and getting it perfect, or getting something out of your mouth even if it was an approximation? Had this been studied? He hoped it had, because it was a) interesting and b) whilst he was sure there were plenty of people willing to cast a stinging hex on his face, he wasn’t sure he wanted to be a test subject for this).

Before that though, they had a practical. He was almost disappointed. He actually would have been quite happy going off to the library to get started on looking up some of the questions he had just formulated. Plus he was not sure that the practical would suit him. Kir was well aware that he liked to talk. He probably, according to some people, did it too much. He thought for a moment about what to write, and then scribbled ’I am pursuing quintessence’ on a spare bit of parchment, adding an afterthought with a smile, Quietly.

He had just finished this when Jozua held out is parchment, apparently already done with the concealment task and wanting to move onto the ‘and then try some other things’ part of the assignment. Well, Kir supposed he was a seventh year.

“I didn’t actually try the first part of the assignment yet,” he admitted, “I was making essay notes. I should probably start with getting rid of mine,” that was the order that Professor Wright had told them to do it in, and - if Transfiguration was anything to go by, vanishing was easier than conjuring. Though, of course, this was neither but he wondered… Still, now was not the time for that.

He concentrated hard, trying to not feel like a seventh year who had done it perfectly first time was watching and judging, and thought the spell with all his might whilst keeping his lips pressed firmly together to avoid temptation. The words remained startlingly visible. It had been a long time since he’d had absolutely nothing happen at all when he tried to cast a spell. A long, long time.

“So, that thing where going into advanced classes feels like going back to the beginning… They weren’t kidding,” he sighed.

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    • Will settle for essay writing time — Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Fri Feb 1 07:32
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