Professor Wright
Don’t get ill, Intermediates.
Sat Feb 16, 2019 21:28

Professor Wright was not, it had to be said, looking his never-particularly-striking best as he walked into Intermediate Charms. This had nothing to do with the conditions of his mild face, glasses, dark hair, or even today’s set of robes of indifferent quality. Instead, the problem was his ears, which were currently emitting a quantity - reduced from earlier in the day, but still very evident - of very literal steam.

It wasn’t fair, he thought grumpily. He had worked here, among adolescents, for...what? Four years, five? He wasn’t entirely sure, but nevertheless- his immune system should have been long past taking head colds and subsequently requiring Pepperup Potion.

“Hello, class,” he said, striving to sound as though there was nothing at all out of the ordinary about his appearance, despite the fact that his next comment directly acknowledged the anomaly. “As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, I was feeling a bit under the weather when I woke up this morning. Nasty stuff, Pepperup Potion, though it does mean you are all quite safe from catching anything, so don’t worry about that.

“We will, however, slightly change the lesson for today to something that - among other things - can also protect you from whatever bugs may be going around,” he continued blandly, though at this point he did increasingly want to laugh at the absurdity of his position. “It can also help you if you ever need to dive underwater, avoid a Stinkbomb, or otherwise use a source of clean air separate from your environment. This charm is called the Bubble-Head Charm.”

He took his wand out and grimaced slightly. “As I am not entirely sure what the result would be, in my - er - condition, I’m not going to demonstrate for you,” he informed them. “However, here is the wand movement.” He demonstrated, then lowered his wand before saying anything else. “It’s a simple wand movement - point your wand in the direction of your head - never right under your nose or in your eyes - and give your dominant wrist one firm twist to the right. For safety, I want you each to have a partner. Look at each other as you work to make sure your partner isn’t in any distress.” Of course, he’d be watching them, too. Dangerous complications were extremely unlikely, but so was going to referee a Quidditch game and abruptly finding oneself in a desert in Egypt, and that had apparently happened at least once.

“The incantation is aurecrumena - I’ll write that on the board in a moment - and your homework is five hundred words on at least two theories on how the Bubble-Head Charm can support its user for up to an hour even though the bubble is not large enough in most cases to contain that much air, and explaining which one you consider more plausible and why.” There were done which held the bubble did not actually contain air as such, just filtered it, while others believed the interior of the bubble could effectively recycle its own air for a time. “If there aren’t any questions right now, you can pair up and begin.”

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