Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus
I'll try not to
Tue Mar 12, 2019 02:16

Peyton couldn't believe that Ivy had not gotten prefect. It wasn't right. Her cousin was so perfect for the job and instead they'd given it to Eden . Because the world apparently revolved around Eden. And now someone who was very important to the Crotalus had been hurt because of it.

Even though Peyton (and Ryan) had been invited to the party last year, she still couldn't help being resentful. The fifth year had been upstaging her ever since she came into Peyton's life. She was a Quidditch star and despite girls playing was once being a controversial thing, it still got so much more attention than being good at baking-Peyton got two blue ribbons for her badly-behaved gingerbread people, one for best tasting and one for best decorated, the latter of which she surely owed to her best friend-or playing clarinet,which she'd never really gotten much but appreciation from Connor for, and he'd probably appreciate anyone who joined orchestra.

And now there was pressure on her to get prefect too. Just so she'd be as good. Except then she'd have to beat Jasmine, someone she really cared about. And Ivy might be upset too and Peyton also cared about her. She knew her cousin was pretty hurt and unhappy about not getting it and the Crotalus didn't exactly want to upstage her . She was trying her very best to be there for the older girl.

She listened as Professor Wright began the lesson, feeling a bit bad for him since he seemed unwell. He still came up with a pretty good lesson though the homework wasn't something she was thrilled about. Peyton could think of practical uses for it-in addition the ones named by Professor Wright, it would allow people who had allergies to be in an environments that contained their allergens, such as if Ryan, who had seasonal allergies and was allergic to cats had to go outside in the spring and summer or had to go into a house where people had cats due to his job as social worker-but the theories on how they worked weren't necessarily something that excited her. In fact, theory was probably what was keeping her from an O in some classes but she was a solid E student.

Peyton turned to the person next to her and asked. "Would you like to work with me?"

  • Donít get ill, Intermediates.Professor Wright, Sat Feb 16 21:28
    Professor Wright was not, it had to be said, looking his never-particularly-striking best as he walked into Intermediate Charms. This had nothing to do with the conditions of his mild face, glasses,... more
    • Sympathetic and yet, puzzledBeau Tate, Pecari, Fri Mar 15 12:46
      Beau eyed Professor Wright, who looked utterly miserable. What was he doing here if he had a cold and steam coming out of his ears? The Pecari honestly couldn't understand why anyone would come to... more
    • I'll try not to — Peyton O'Malley, Crotalus, Tue Mar 12 02:16
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