Beau Tate, Pecari
Sympathetic and yet, puzzled
Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:46

Beau eyed Professor Wright, who looked utterly miserable. What was he doing here if he had a cold and steam coming out of his ears? The Pecari honestly couldn't understand why anyone would come to work or school when they had an excuse to stay in bed, relaxing. Plus, coming out in public when you looked less than presentable was something that he'd learned from birth was a huge no-no.

And coming in front of a bunch of teenagers with steam coming out of your ears was sort of setting yourself up to be mocked and laughed at. Beau knew that his sister would be horrified. Which in his book was a good thing though he did feel a twinge of sympathy for Professor Wright.

Plus, the professor was probably infectious. Arianna was going to be irate. Beau's sister couldn't stand being sick. She was one of those ambitious people who didn't like to relax and do nothing. It was like she got all the drive in their family and there was none left for him.

People like that puzzled Beau deeply. Like, he understood that people were different and enjoyed different things but this was such a foreign concept to him. How could people want to be exhausted and stressed out?

He groaned inwardly when Professor Wright mentioned the homework. First of all, Beau didn't want any homework period. Secondly, couldn't the man, just once, not force magical theory on them? It seemed the Charms professor was way into that kind of stuff. Especially incorporating Muggle science-y things. Of course, the man had been an Aladren, but then so was Mother and she wasn't the least bit nerdy. He suddenly was full of sympathy for her too, a house where she was surrounded by people who were fascinated by the most boring things.

Beau turned to the person next to him and asked. "Wanna work together?"

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    • Sympathetic and yet, puzzled — Beau Tate, Pecari, Fri Mar 15 12:46
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