Natalie Atwater, Pecari
Uh, thanks I guess
Wed Mar 20, 2019 13:26

Summer had passed in a whirl of balls and parties. Now that Kelsey was engaged, there seemed to be more focus on Natalie finding someone and what her parents wanted for her wasn't necessarily what she wanted for herself. She wanted someone fun and interesting. They wanted someone like Malcolm. And there seemed to be a lot more of what they wanted out there then what she wanted.

Class began and the Pecari actually found herself pondering a question that her professor asked. Why was she here? Natalie was not going to need Charms for a job the way some people were. She supposed she was here because it was overall the most practical subject to learn. Charms were a very important part of magic and any witch or wizard worthy of the adjective should know how to do them.

According to what Professor Wright said though, her answer was apparently wrong. Except, that it wasn't. He was the one who was actually wrong. Natalie didn't care one little bit about what exactly magic was. Or rather she already knew. Magic was an ability they all possessed while Muggles didn't. It was as much apart of one as talent in art or music. How could exist outside of them rather than within them? If it was sitting out there as an outside force that was floating around surely then Muggles would also be able to access it and thus nobody would be a Muggle.

Then he said that they weren't going to answer this question in class and that instead they were going to figure out why they could visualize something doing a non-verbal spell but couldn't mispronounce a word when doing a verbal one. Why then had he started out with the other unrelated question?

She took out a sheet of parchment and a quill and wrote out her name, then said the concealment charm in her head while picturing the words disappearing. The N and the e melted away, leaving atali . Natalie turned to her neighbor and asked. "How are you doing so far?" The lesson might go quicker if she made conversation with someone.

  • Welcome back, Advanced students (VI-VII Years)Professor Wright, Fri Jan 25 23:30
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    • Uh, thanks I guess — Natalie Atwater, Pecari, Wed Mar 20 13:26
      • Youíre welcome!Zevalyn Ives, Thu Mar 21 11:44
        Zevalyn knew why she was here. She was here at Sonora to learn magic. She was still here in Charms because (a) it was probably the single most practical field of magic that existed, and (b) Professor ... more
    • Is it summer yet?Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Wed Jan 30 12:44
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