Zevalyn Ives
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Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:44

Zevalyn knew why she was here. She was here at Sonora to learn magic. She was still here in Charms because (a) it was probably the single most practical field of magic that existed, and (b) Professor Wright was the single most scientific of the school’s professors. Sure, Professor Skies tried her best, and Professor Tarnasay had a strong grasp of how science and creatures intersected, but Professor Wright brought up gravity wells in his lectures, complete with diagrams, when even Zevalyn thought they were an interesting side note but not critical information to casting the spell or understanding the theory at hand.

If anyone at the school taught too much about their subject, it was definitely Professor Grayson Wright, and Zevalyn loved him for it (in a totally platonic Aladren way that Kir had no reason to be jealous of). And so dropping Charms had never even registered as a possibility last year, and that was another reason why she was here now.

She was here in this chair next to Natalie Atwater because she’d gotten held up on her way to class trying to help a first year find where they were supposed to be and didn’t have as much choice as she usually did in where to sit and the seats by her usual friends were already taken.

Not that she had anything at all against Natalie. The younger girl seemed a very nice person, but Zevalyn was a creature of habit and a small social circle, and so they just hadn’t run across each other much in the last few years. But Zev was Head Girl now, so it was important to reach out to everyone, and she’d smiled and given Natalie a warm hello as she sat down

It seemed to have paid off, as the lecture concluded some time later, and the sixth year opened up a conversation as they worked.

Zevalyn had already cast the concealing charm on her class notes. It was a full page on quintessence and the theories about it and what they were expected to write about for homework (she expected that would be paired with a fun discussion with Kir - she was so glad they were in the same classes again this year) so it was a lot of writing to conceal, and probably a bit ambitious for a first try when she hadn’t done much magic at all for the last few months, never mind non-verbal magic. (She was eighteen already, so she was allowed to do some magic at home over the summer, but it was still a muggle neighborhood with a lot of muggle gadgets around that didn’t really like magic being used nearby, so she usually just didn’t.)

So the words on her parchment faded, but didn’t disappear entirely.

She showed this result to Natalie, who was a sixth year and probably hadn’t ever tried non verbal spells before. Zev did learn nonverbal magic last year so hopefully Natalie would be encouraged by even a seventh year not getting it perfect right away rather than being dismayed that even the Head Girl was having trouble.

“I faded the ink, but it’s still legible. I’m a bit out of practice after the summer,” she admitted. “You’ve got a good start on yours,” she added. “Is this the first time you’re trying non-verbal casting?”

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    Summer had passed in a whirl of balls and parties. Now that Kelsey was engaged, there seemed to be more focus on Natalie finding someone and what her parents wanted for her wasn't necessarily what... more
    • You’re welcome! — Zevalyn Ives, Thu Mar 21 11:44
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