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Professor Sophie O'Malley
I was going to put a clever title, but I forgot [Years I-II]
Sat Apr 22, 2017 14:31

Sophie hummed to herself as she darted between the desks of her classroom. The Beginners would be arriving soon, and, while there was always the possibility of finding them a bit riled up - given that their class came right after lunch - she too had been fed, and a good lunch always put her in a better mood. If nothing else, that made her feel at least somewhat equipped to handle some rambunctious preteens.

As the class began arriving, she greeted as many individuals as she could. Obviously it was a bit harder to give everyone a specific hello if they entered in a big batch of their peers, but Sophie did her best. When everyone was seated - they were free to sit wherever they liked, as by this time in the year, she had learned everyone’s name and didn’t require a seating chart to mentally take attendance - she began.

“Okay, everyone,” she said, the trace remains of her English accent still audible, although diminished greatly. “Today we’re going to be brewing the Forgetfulness Potion. The instructions are on page 368 of your textbook, so please turn there now.”

“You’ll notice a break in the brewing process,” she pointed out. Part of this potion included a simmering time in the middle of at least forty-five minutes, but this worked out fine for them anyway as Potions was a long-running class. There would be more than enough time. “In that time frame, you may talk quietly among yourselves or work on homework. Remember that on Friday you’ve got an assignment for me on the practical uses of bezoars in potions, so if that’s not done, I’d recommend working on that and I’ll take it early for an extra three points. Go ahead and get started.”

OOC: Information on the Forgetfulness Potion, including the instructions, can be found here. Have fun!

    • Always stirring, so very much stirring.Jennifer White, Tue May 2 13:36
      Partway into her first term at Sonora, Jen thought potions was a useless class. Obviously there existed some very useful potions (and some apparently useless ones, too), but the classes seemed to be... more
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