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Jennifer White
Always stirring, so very much stirring.
Tue May 2, 2017 13:36

Partway into her first term at Sonora, Jen thought potions was a useless class. Obviously there existed some very useful potions (and some apparently useless ones, too), but the classes seemed to be mostly the same, and consisted of the beginners following instructions. If that was all that was necessary to be adept at brewing, why didnít every witch and wizard just buy a potions instruction manual or two and do away with the class at school? She had to assume that there would be more involved in higher level classes, and hopefully in the beginner classes after midterm - otherwise she was going to get bored of potions classes really soon.

Conversely to all her other subjects, the potions homework assignments were more interesting than the class assignments. That wasnít to say that Jen didnít like brewing potions - she did, it was fun to mess around with things like newt eyes and salamander blood - but there wasnít much that could be said for repetitively following directions and stirring. Always stirring, so very much stirring. Discovering how different ingredients behaved, or how they were discovered, or their inherent magical properties, was far more engaging. Even the assignment she had recently started on bezoars had led to Jen discovering some very interesting poisons.

This class allowed for some homework assignment time, which Jen was happy to accept, especially if the alternative was idle chit-chat with her peers. Some students Jen preferred to others, but so far she hadnít liked anyone sufficiently to waste her time just talking to them. If she finished her assignment in class, not only could she get extra points for turning it in early, but maybe she could get Ryder to bring his board out into the gardens for a bit.

Before she began brewing, Jen fastened back the front sections of her hair with a couple of plain black hair clips. Her mousy-brown style was short, and the front bits fell into her eyes sometimes, which was usually okay but when she was brewing a potion she preferred to work without the distraction. It was hard enough when the steam from her concoction fogged up her glasses. She was certain there had to be a spell to stop that - if there was a spell for making your toenails grow, there was surely a useful spell for being able to see your potion - but she hadnít gotten around to looking it up, yet.

Ingredients laid out ready, Jen was about to start her work when the person next to her spoke. The professor hadnít stipulated working together in partners - Jen had noticed, because she liked to work on her own by preference - so she hadnít been expecting anyone to try and interact. She blinked at the perpetrator through her currently unfogged lenses.

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    • Always stirring, so very much stirring. — Jennifer White, Tue May 2 13:36
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