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Professor Sophie O'Malley
Nap time! [Years I-II]
Fri Jun 2, 2017 22:57

As the staff fluctuated, it was impossible not to feel the strain. Sophie was not even technically affected, but the stress of her coworkers felt almost tangible. There were a lot of holes to fill currently, and replacements were needed. It did, a bit selfishly, make her feel a little more secure in her job. Not that she was in any danger of being fired, but if she was, they wouldn’t do it while they were already short-staffed.

She saw the way Isis Carter was running around trying her best to fill the gaps, and Sophie could not help but think that the woman could probably use a nap. Which had inspired today’s lessons for the first and second years, as the board proudly announced that they were covering “THE SLEEPING DRAUGHT”.

“Alright, guys,” she began when everybody was settled and accounted for, “we’re doing a little experimenting today.” Sophie glanced around at the younger years, hoping to see that none of them were naturally experiencing anything similar to the potion’s; the class was just after lunch, which meant students were either jazzed up from the free time, or else wiped out by a good meal.

“So sometimes, a potion has multiple ways of being brewed,” she explained. “Your books, for example, give one set of instructions for the sleeping draught - page 634, by the way,” added the small blonde professor. “However, the Intermediate’s books list a different set. Now, the end result is the same, but one is a slightly streamlined process. I’d like some of you to take the initiative and follow the instructions from the other class’s book - it isn’t really any harder, I promise - while some of you brew with the instructions in your books. We will compare color, viscosity, and effectiveness in our next class.”

Sophie smiled happily at her younglings. “Some of the other books are over on the counter, next to the extra ingredients. Feel free to brew in pairs, as usual. It’s often quite beneficial to have a second set of eyes or hands. Go ahead and get started.”

OOC: Both of the following sets of instructions were supplied by the wiki.

Version in the Beginners’ textbook:
Crush the wormwood, add to cauldron. Stir slowly.
Chop the valerian, add to cauldron, and apply a high heat.
Juice your Flobberworm and add its thick mucus to your cauldron.
Stir vigorously, apply a low heat and then give it another stir.
Chop the Sopophorous bean and add to cauldron.
Stir the mixture quickly, then heat.
Add a sprinkle of powdered asphodel petals and a dash of essence of nettle.
Heat the potion a final time, then stir slowly.
Wave your wand over the cauldron to finish the potion

Version in the Intermediates’ textbook:
Add 4 sprigs of Lavender to the mortar
Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to the mortar
Crush into a creamy paste using the pestle
Add 2 blobs of Flobberworm Mucus to your cauldron
Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to your cauldron
Gently heat for 30 seconds
Add 3 measures of the crushed mixture to your cauldron
Wave your wand
Leave to brew and return in 25** minutes (time depends on cauldron)
Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to your cauldron
Heat on a high temperature for 1 minute
Add 4 Valerian Sprigs to your cauldron
Stir 7 times, clockwise
Wave your wand to complete the potion

** Changed from the wiki, which said 70, but we’ll just assume our cauldrons are better than that for the sake of fitting into a class period. Have fun!

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