Natalie Atwater, Pecari
I wish
Mon Jun 5, 2017 14:50

Natalie never really wanted to go to class after lunch. Actually sometimes, she didn't want to go to class period but after lunch it was worse, because she resented that she only had enough time to eat, not to go play in the water room. But she couldn't skip eating either, because that was important.

Besides, Natalie needed to enjoy good food while she still could! Kelsey had been a lot more weight conscious since she'd started looking for a betrothal. It was her sister's choice, but she could tell that Father and the rest of his family approved and there was always that pressure put on Natalie to "be more like Kelsey". She resisted this the best she could.

She sincerely wished though that her sister wouldn't always do "the right thing" that impressed their family quite so much. It put more pressure on the Pecari to be the same and a lot of things Kelsey did were her own idea not Great-Grandfather Atwater's or anyone else on either side of her family so if the Crotalus didn't think of them on her own, Natalie wouldn't have to worry about them. Or at least, not have to worry about being nagged about them as she didn't feel like bothering to try and live up to her oh so perfect older sister. It was never going to happen, so why should she? Natalie felt her energy was much better spent in other ways.

Potions, though was not one of those ways. Okay, yes, it was in the sense of being overall less futile but it wasn't exactly fun , though the second year had to admit she liked brewing better than theory lessons in Transfig or Charms. Plus, sometimes, Potions could have fun applications, it was just that Natalie found making them tedious.

At least, though, she could see why this could be necessary and useful potion. It still would be more effective if someone else made it though. She frowned though at the two different sets of instructions. Sophie had not said who had to do what.

Natalie turned to her neighboor and asked. "Do you think second years have to use the Intermediate instructions?" She would personally prefer not to, as Potions was one of her two worst subjects and she didn't particularly care to challenge herself.

  • Nap time! [Years I-II]Professor Sophie O'Malley, Fri Jun 2 22:57
    As the staff fluctuated, it was impossible not to feel the strain. Sophie was not even technically affected, but the stress of her coworkers felt almost tangible. There were a lot of holes to fill... more
    • How about daydream time?Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw, Sun Jun 25 21:50
      Kir had three different places that he tended to sit in class. First, and best, was next to Kit, but he couldn’t sit there all the time because his other friends and her other friends would probably... more
    • Zzzz...Isaac Song - Pecari, Sat Jun 17 20:14
      Isaac always felt a little bad for Professor O'Malley having her class right after lunch, but someone had to. He was feeling lethargic as usual, perhaps because he enjoyed stuffing himself or he... more
      • Sleep on your own timeJennifer White (Aladren), Thu Jun 22 14:16
        Jen had been at Sonora long enough to start forming preferences of her classes. She liked herbology, but she found potions dull. Her partiality to herbology was important in this context, because it... more
        • Doesn't work so well for meIsaac, Sat Jun 24 20:23
          Isaac hadn't heard this first year talk very much, but he did recognize her and felt a little bad that he couldn't remember her name. He smiled apologetically at her when she made it clear she'd... more
          • Then I guess you need this potionJen, Wed Jun 28 07:55
            When Isaac had returned, Jen had cleared the workspace of books and parchment and had retrieved the lavender she’d volunteered from her own kit. The first year had began collecting together measuring ... more
    • Overtthinking Kit Reid, Wed Jun 7 11:13
      Arriving to Potions, Kit took her seat at the front of the class. She always sat at the front whenever possible. Judging by the looks of her – blonde and always fashionably dressed – one might not... more
      • Just take it one step at a time.Amelia Layne, Aladren, Wed Jun 7 15:43
        At this point, with Professor Pye and Professor Perrault both abruptly gone, it almost felt weird to go to Potions and Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration and see different faces. In two... more
    • I wish — Natalie Atwater, Pecari, Mon Jun 5 14:50
      • Re: I wishWinston Pierce, Wed Jun 7 15:35
        Winston enjoyed potions most of the time. It wasn't necessarily his favorite class, as it lacked the interesting high points of some of his other classes, but it was fairly consistent in what to... more
        • What do you wish for?Natalie, Thu Jun 22 15:37
          Natalie cringed inside when Winston mentioned that Sophie explicitly said that neither potion was harder. Admittedly, the Pecari was not the best at listening to directions, which might be part of... more
          • Winston nodded in agreement. "That works for me. I'd prefer not to just sit around waiting, too. Hang on, let me just put this back." He held up the intermediate textbook to show her what he was... more
            • I wish I had more important content.Natalie, Sat Jul 8 16:52
              Natalie waited as Winston returned the intermediate text to Sophie and her mind began to wander slightly. She wished she was on a beach. Even if the beach was just a conjured up one in MARS. How nice ... more
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