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Winston Pierce
Re: I wish
Wed Jun 7, 2017 15:35

Winston enjoyed potions most of the time. It wasn't necessarily his favorite class, as it lacked the interesting high points of some of his other classes, but it was fairly consistent in what to expect so it never disappointed him either.

It helped that he was pretty good at it, too. He had a good shot at bringing home an O for his final grade this year, so no class that had that going for it could be too bad. Dad would be pleased, and that in turn pleased Winston and gave the class a bit more shine than it otherwise ought to have.

Today he took a seat beside Natalie Atwater. He didn't know the Pecari girl particularly well, but she was on his father's Approved list, and he had enjoyed her company the few other times they had worked together in class.

As Professor O'Malley went over the day's assignment, Winston became intrigued. At a guess, he'd peg the intermediate recipe as the more effective, if for no better reason than because it was in the intermediate book, but he was definitely curious to see how they compared. When invited to do so, he fetched one of the next level books and brought it back to his seat, flipping to the appropriate page and comparing it to the one in his own book. As he read through the steps he became further convinced of his initial opinion. If the same potion could be brewed at the same level of effectiveness without sitting around kicking your heels for twenty five or more minutes, there was no reason at all for the tedious waiting version to exist.

As he was finished reading through the two recipes, Natalie asked whether second years were required to do the 'harder' one. Winston thought about it, looked at the two recipes again and shook his head, "Professor O'Malley didn't assign it that way. She just said it wasn't any more difficult and, looking at them, it looks like the intermediate one just involves a lot more waiting around rather than anything particularly tricky." Of course, remembering to come back to the potion at just the right time was its own level of trickiness, but wasn't anything inherently difficult.

"Do you want to do the one from our book then and I'll do the intermediate one and we can compare ours to each other next class? Or would you rather work together on one or the other? I have no preference either way."

OOC: As the school is not that big, and group work seems to be the norm, I'm assuming they've worked together in class before. If you would rather otherwise, just ignore that bit.

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