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Amelia Layne, Aladren
Just take it one step at a time.
Wed Jun 7, 2017 15:43

At this point, with Professor Pye and Professor Perrault both abruptly gone, it almost felt weird to go to Potions and Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration and see different faces. In two other classes, after all, there was much less variety now and she saw more of the substitutes than she did of her real professors. Of course, it wasn’t that much more, all things considered, but sometimes it seemed like it, and she had flashbacks to elementary school and spending all day in one classroom, even though they did still move between rooms for their Charms and Defense lessons.

If she was to be honest, she was slightly dreading the day that they got new teachers, as this would involve a lot of changes – new teaching styles, new housekeeping rules, having to learn all over again what a new person wanted to hear on homeworks and the like. Having to do that twice in one year, first for the substitutes and then for their replacements, would practically be like being a first year again, with none of the academic advantages that were supposed to come with promotion to second year. Amelia liked feeling like one of the cool big kids who knew the ropes and could be helpful to the first years. She did not want to revert to trying to figure out the ropes herself, at least not three times in two years. If that happened, she suspected she’d be gaining some new favorite classes soon, and that Potions might be one of them.

Potions got a few more points in its favor when Amelia saw the words THE SLEEPING DRAUGHT in big letters across the board. Amelia normally never really had much trouble sleeping, with one exception, which was the first couple of days into each term at Sonora. She got jet-lagged traveling to Arizona, so she often napped, which messed her up at night, which meant she was tired again the next day, and so it could go on for several days at a time before she just forced herself to stay awake during the day until it started feeling natural again. Sleeping Draughts sounded really appealing at such times.

Amelia didn’t feel the need to bend herself too far out of shape to be An Aladren With A Capital A, but she did automatically assume that Professor O’Malley’s instruction for some of them to work from the intermediate book was at least partially for her. Between being an Aladren and being Uncle Geoff’s niece, she didn’t even have to consider it, at least not until she contemplated the matter of a partner. Luckily, her neighbor was her roommate today, so she didn’t anticipate any problems.

“Sure,” said Amelia when Kit asked the formal question. “We’re going intermediate, right?” she asked, just to confirm.

  • Overtthinking Kit Reid, Wed Jun 7 11:13
    Arriving to Potions, Kit took her seat at the front of the class. She always sat at the front whenever possible. Judging by the looks of her – blonde and always fashionably dressed – one might not... more
    • Just take it one step at a time. — Amelia Layne, Aladren, Wed Jun 7 15:43
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