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Professor Sophie O'Malley
Let's talk about amore [Years VI and VII]
Sat Jun 17, 2017 21:34

“Gather ‘round, everyone,” Sophie called the Advanced students, gesturing for them to approach her desk, where a calming concoction in a cauldron stewed, the bubbles fading as it had just been taken off the final heat before they arrived.

“Can anyone tell me what potion this is?” If the sixth and seventh years had done their readings, the answer would have been obvious, the mother-of-pearl sheen and spiraling steam a dead giveaway. When the correct answer - Amortentia - was secured, Sophie posed another question. “Excellent. Now can someone tell me what Amortentia is?” Once again, she waited for responses.

“It’s a love potion,” she said at last, her response planned before any student commented, therefore either reaffirming a correct answer or providing one if no student spoke up. “As you should know from your textbooks, Amortentia is the strongest love potion known to man. It has a particularly interesting quirk, which is its scent. The perceived smell of this potion varies from person to person. So basically, to you, it will smell like whatever most attracts you. Funny little thing, isn’t it?”

Sophie glanced at her students. “You’ve got an easy assignment today while we familiarize ourselves with this potion. Next week we’ll be brewing it, but for today, you’ll mostly be writing. I’d like you all to jot down what it smells like to you in your Potions journals, and then we’ll go around and share. I know it can be a bit personal sometimes, and if there’s anything you specifically don’t want to share, you don’t have to. Try to isolate at least two scents you feel like sharing, though. To make it easier, I’ll break the ice and tell you all mine first.” The small professor took a deep breath in through her nose, although she was familiar enough with the potion and its scent to render this fairly redundant. It was good for effect, though.

“For me, it’s the smell of pine, potion stock, butterbeer, and…” Sophie grinned. “Dog fur. Anyway, get a whiff and then get writing. Your Potions journals are as private as you like, so please feel free to also explore why you think certain scents stand out to you. When we’re done going around the room discussing this, you’re welcome to get started on your homework, which will be an informal essay on the ingredients in love potions and their roles and symbols in modern culture.” Once more, she looked around the room, seeing who, if anyone, looked most eager to step up to the cauldron. “So who wants to take a sniff first?”

OOC: The concept of a Potions journal should be something your character recognizes, and it’s something Sophie does every so often when the topic is so subjective. Regarding the homework assignment, the HP wiki page for love potions states:

“Ashwinder eggs are a common ingredient in many varieties of love potions,[3] as are rose thorns, peppermint, and Moonstone. Since there are many different types of love potions, therefore there are many different methods in which to brew them. Pearl Dust was an ingredient in all love potions.”

That should be a good jumping off point if you’d like to get into any sort of detail about the assignment. An informal essay with Sophie is a loose term she uses without much specifications in length or formality. Your student would likely know by now that as long as the sentences make sense and all parts of a question is addressed, she will not be much of a stickler.

Happy posting!

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      • I'd really rather not.John Umland, Aladren, Sun Jul 2 13:53
        Love potions were a subject John found intensely objectionable, but since they had been in the reading, he recognized the telltale signs which indicated the substance on Professor O’Malley’s desk was ... more
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