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Jennifer White (Aladren)
Sleep on your own time
Thu Jun 22, 2017 14:16

Jen had been at Sonora long enough to start forming preferences of her classes. She liked herbology, but she found potions dull. Her partiality to herbology was important in this context, because it countered the assumption that she didn’t enjoy potions so much because of its lack of wand use. If it were simply that the magical didn’t feel so, well, magical, then she wouldn’t like herbology so much, which, similarly to potions, required the use of a wand but rarely. If forced to give an explanation, Jen would cite the repetitive nature of her potions classes. Dice this, crush that, stir it all in. Then wait. Then stir. Then simmer. Then stir some more. Also the fumes from the concoctions could make her head feel either particularly heavy or particularly light, and Jen didn’t really enjoy the potential of being doused in someone else’s exploding catastrophe, either.

That said, she didn’t dislike the subject vehemently. Sometimes the classes could still be enjoyable, and Professor O’Malley was an okay teacher. So filled with a good meal, Jen was in a reasonable mood when she entered the potions classroom and took a seat next to one of the older students. She had learned the names of the majority of her classmates - not intentionally, just simply by being in the same room at the same time with frequency and regularity - so even though she hadn’t spoken to him before, jen was relatively certain this kid was Isaac. He greeted her and she smiled back, which, considering at the start of term she might have managed a thin-lipped half-attempt, was definitive proof that being around so many people all the time had encouraged Jen to be a little more sociable.

She silently listened to the instructions, watching the professor through the lenses of her rectangular framed glasses. She had remembered to clip back the forward-most sections of her mousy-brown hair before class started, because when it fell forward in front of her face it was annoying at the best of times, but just plain dangerous when she was adding precise amounts of volatile ingredients into a simmering cauldron. Not as dangerous as falling asleep into it, though, Jen mused as she saw probably-Isaac startle awake. “Yeah, you look like you could use some extra Zs,” jen agreed when he raised the matter. “Isaac, right?” she sought clarification. “I’m Jen,” the Aladren added, just in case he hadn’t cared to sort out one first year from another. She wouldn’t hold it against him.

Her second-year partner wanted to try the intermediate potion. Jen genuinely didn’t care either way, so she shrugged and replied, “Yeah I’m up for it.” And then, “I have the Lavender. But not the mucus. Wow talking about mucus never gets old,” she said sarcastically, starting to clear her belongings from their workspace as her partner had volunteered to collect their ingredients and instructions.

  • Zzzz...Isaac Song - Pecari, Sat Jun 17 20:14
    Isaac always felt a little bad for Professor O'Malley having her class right after lunch, but someone had to. He was feeling lethargic as usual, perhaps because he enjoyed stuffing himself or he... more
    • Sleep on your own time — Jennifer White (Aladren), Thu Jun 22 14:16
      • Doesn't work so well for meIsaac, Sat Jun 24 20:23
        Isaac hadn't heard this first year talk very much, but he did recognize her and felt a little bad that he couldn't remember her name. He smiled apologetically at her when she made it clear she'd... more
        • Then I guess you need this potionJen, Wed Jun 28 07:55
          When Isaac had returned, Jen had cleared the workspace of books and parchment and had retrieved the lavender she’d volunteered from her own kit. The first year had began collecting together measuring ... more
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