What do you wish for?
Thu Jun 22, 2017 15:37

Natalie cringed inside when Winston mentioned that Sophie explicitly said that neither potion was harder. Admittedly, the Pecari was not the best at listening to directions, which might be part of why she was a Pecari in the first place. It was just that she got so many in general that she occasionally tuned out the wrong ones. Class admittedly was a place she was supposed to listen. Good grades were an aspect of personal and familial pride and while she was iffy on the personal side of it, her family was disappointed enough in her.

Which was so not her fault. It was Kelsey's for being so blasted perfect all the time. Natalie felt she was a perfectly normal person and her sister was this...well, she was like the Ultra Pureblood Lady. Like she was created in some lab and the second year was a normal flesh and blood human, born that natural way. Natalie wasn't a failure, it only seemed that way because Kelsey was a super success so nothing the younger girl did was the problem. It wasn't as if she wanted to play Quidditch or "go Muggle" so she was just fine the way she was.

She did however catch the part of the instruction where it hadn't been assigned that way. "I know she didn't." Natalie replied. "But she didn't say who had to do what, and it's usually assumed that the older students have to do what's considered more difficult. We're second years and the Intermediate potion is assumed to be the harder."

The Pecari continued. "If the main difference is waiting around though, I'd rather do the quicker one. And I think I'd rather work on it together." Winston was probably better at Potions than her so his help would be appreciated and plus working with someone else would make the time go faster no matter which version they did.

"It seems kind of pointless to have both versions if they're the same other than the waiting time doesn't it?" Natalie asked. It didn't make much sense to her at all.

  • Re: I wishWinston Pierce, Wed Jun 7 15:35
    Winston enjoyed potions most of the time. It wasn't necessarily his favorite class, as it lacked the interesting high points of some of his other classes, but it was fairly consistent in what to... more
    • What do you wish for? — Natalie, Thu Jun 22 15:37
      • Winston nodded in agreement. "That works for me. I'd prefer not to just sit around waiting, too. Hang on, let me just put this back." He held up the intermediate textbook to show her what he was... more
        • I wish I had more important content.Natalie, Sat Jul 8 16:52
          Natalie waited as Winston returned the intermediate text to Sophie and her mind began to wander slightly. She wished she was on a beach. Even if the beach was just a conjured up one in MARS. How nice ... more
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