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Ginger Pierce
Smell the rainbow!
Thu Jun 22, 2017 15:41

Ginger had no answer for the identity of the shimmery potion or what it did. She frowned at it when she learned it was a very strong love potion. It looked pretty and smelled happy (she was standing too far away to pick out any specific smells but even from here it made her feel more cheerful than she had previously) but she objected to the very idea of love potions. Even in the stories, or perhaps especially in the stories since 'love potion' was a fairly overused plot device, they always seemed to cause more problems than they solved, and even when they did solve problems, Ginger never thought it felt quite right and they left her feeling uneasy about how everything resolved.

Some of her relatives did sell what they marketed as 'love potions' - mostly the same ones that marketed themselves as 'fortune-tellers' - but the potions weren't so much potions as sugar water laced with cheering charms. They did make the drinker happier, and perhaps slightly more amenable to agreeing to go on a date given their good mood, but the person's ability to make sound choices and judgments was not hindered, which she didn't really think was the case for most love potions.

Though, she supposed, love wasn't generally known for its ability to be rational and make good choices either, but it seemed worse somehow when it was created artificially and on purpose. It just wasn't right.

Of course, it still smelled fantastic as she got closer when it was her turn to approach.

Ginger took a good whiff, and tried to sort out the individual scents she was getting. Cotton candy. Camp fires. Fresh rain. Something else she couldn't quite put her finger on. Another deep breath in through her nose. Was that sweat? Yes, it was man sweat. Specifically, it was Jake after Quidditch man sweat. That was what it was. She thought maybe she wouldn't mention that one to the class.

"For me," she said aloud, "The smell makes me think I'm at a fair, just after it stops raining, eating cotton candy, and someone nearby is toasting marshmallows over a fire. There's a rainbow in the sky." Okay, technically, rainbows didn't have smells, but she was pretty sure this potion somehow pulled it off anyway. There was definitely a rainbow in there.

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