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Doesn't work so well for me
Sat Jun 24, 2017 20:23

Isaac hadn't heard this first year talk very much, but he did recognize her and felt a little bad that he couldn't remember her name. He smiled apologetically at her when she made it clear she'd definitely noticed him fall asleep for that second. "Yeah, nice to work with you, Jen," he replied with a friendlier smile. He was lucky she had just given him her name instead of awkwardly trying to work around it.

"Cool. Oh yeah, it never gets old," he agreed good-naturedly, "being so appealing to look at and all." He grinned at her and stood up. "I'll go get it." It didn't take long for him to find it in the communal cabinets along with the Intermediate textbook and returned with a jar full of the icky stuff. "Alright, so..." He trailed off as he searched for the instructions in the book. "Okay, looks like here we need to crush up four sprigs of lavender and two measures of standard ingredient into a creamy paste." He looked over at her. "Do you prefer to do that or measure out mucus and standard ingredient into the cauldron?"

Isaac assumed Jen wouldn't want to deal with the mucus, being a girl and all, but his mom always told him not to judge people just because they looked a certain way. After all, though his mom wasn't really tall or strong-looking, she was one of the toughest people he knew, even tougher than his dad. They just weren't tough in the same way.

"Do you care which cauldron we use?" he asked as he set his up. "We can use mine if you don't mind."

  • Sleep on your own timeJennifer White (Aladren), Thu Jun 22 14:16
    Jen had been at Sonora long enough to start forming preferences of her classes. She liked herbology, but she found potions dull. Her partiality to herbology was important in this context, because it... more
    • Doesn't work so well for me — Isaac, Sat Jun 24 20:23
      • Then I guess you need this potionJen, Wed Jun 28 07:55
        When Isaac had returned, Jen had cleared the workspace of books and parchment and had retrieved the lavender she’d volunteered from her own kit. The first year had began collecting together measuring ... more
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