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Kir McLeod, Teppenpaw
How about daydream time?
Sun Jun 25, 2017 21:50

Kir had three different places that he tended to sit in class. First, and best, was next to Kit, but he couldn’t sit there all the time because his other friends and her other friends would probably all get annoyed with him, and he’d seem really obvious and creepy. Sometimes he sat somewhere else in the front row, so that he would make a positive impression on her with his studiousness, and sometimes he sat in the middle row so that he could stare at her. Today was a middle row kind of day. He even scored the seat right behind Kit, and her perfect, shiny hair. He really liked her hair. He liked the way it curled just a bit, and it looked like it would be really soft to touch, and last time he’d been working next to her, he’d noticed that it smelt like flowers. He had daydreams about sitting with his arm around her, being able to stroke her pretty, soft hair and being surrounded by the pleasant Kit-hair-smell.

He knew, of course, that he was completely doomed, and that having a crush on her was a terrible idea. Ish. Mostly. Sort of… It was kind of confusing. They could not be together without some serious pissing off of her parents. She was a Capital P Pureblood of the Introduction by Place Name variety. He was not. He was so far from being that that if you asked her parents to write down all the worst qualities they could imagine in a boy to date their daughter, they would probably pretty much describe him. He didn’t just come from a bad, mixed blood family, he came from a family of disowned people who now ran a charity helping other people who got themselves disowned and preaching a set of ideals fairly diametrically opposed to Purebloods on every single point. The trouble was that that made the idealist in him see Pureblood society as something that it was good to take Kit out of. That if she left, he would be in some sense, rescuing her. The people they’d helped ended up, overall, happier. But it wasn’t without its complications. He knew that leaving, or being kicked out of one’s family was a traumatic thing to go though, and had been starkly reminded by that over Christmas by their new arrival at the centre. Not that he spent a lot of time with them, not that his parents and aunts didn’t do their best to shield him from it all, but he still saw it, in the tired and sad looks they wore when they came home, in the brief syllables they were willing to exchange on the topic in front of him -’How’s she doing?’ ‘Better.’ - that one single word that could be loaded with so much sadness, with so much implication of how far there still was to go to reach the other sense of the word; the difference between better as in improving, and better as in healed. He didn’t want Kit going through that, and the thought of her going through it for him made him feel awful. But then… but then he got these butterflies in his tummy every time he was with her, or even thinking about her, and he hadn’t felt that about anyone before and because he’d never had either, he didn’t know whether this meant he had a crush on Kit or whether he was in love with her, and if it was the second one, wasn’t everything justified and weren’t all obstacles meant to be overcome?

He tried not to admit that his own family might be something of a problem too but Kit probably was not the kind of girl that they expected him to date. Nessa had made that pretty clear over the holidays. Kir had been wrapping up presents for his friends when his little sister had asked ’who is that for?’ with such strongly disgusted emphasis on the word ‘that’ that one might have been forgiven for thinking that Kir was wrapping up a particularly ugly pair of woollen socks or mouldering dead ferret, and not, as he actually was, a glittery blue unicorn notebook. When he’d explained that it was for Kit and that she liked girly things, this had received an ‘ugh’ from Nessa. They probably thought he’d bring home someone more like them, someone more like him… He tried to ignore the fact of the glaring gulf between him and Kit, because it was fairly simply fixed with a quick mental gloss, in that any Kit that was willing to come home with him and meet his weird-ass family would obviously have undergone substantial personality/political shifts, and therefore would be like them. She was still kind of pink and girly, but weren’t his family always teaching him not to judge? And she wasn’t stupid by any means. She was smart, and she was nice. And she was surprising. She had taken up Quidditch, regardless of the risks to her manicure and her reputation. Sure, she didn’t look like she wanted to go hiking and camping, but who was to say that wasn’t easily fixed with a pair of sparkly pink wellies and a unicorn sleeping bag? Or with simply offering her the chance to say ‘yes’?

He sort of tuned out Professor O’Malley because right before she started talking, Kit was fixing her hair in a ponytail, and it made it swish, and he started thinking about whether he preferred her with her hair up or down (down, easily). Also the problem of what Nessa thought of Kit kept threatening to intrude (he couldn’t see whether she was using the notebook in class but he liked to imagine she was, whilst simultaneously also imagining that she’d kept it for something special like writing a diary or writing secrets, which included lots of hearts with the letters ‘KM’ in them), and the most effective way to block that out was to think about nice things instead. Given all the emotional complexity that came with any kind of realistic relationship, Kir either tended to drift into unexplained snapshots (them walking in the woods together holding hands and everything Just Being Fine) or himself saving Kit from rather more literal and easily envisioned (and defeated) foes than The Patriarchy. His family might have had something to say about the rather passive role that Kit took in these daydreams, given that she was so smart and probably at least as adept at spellcasting as he was, but it wasn’t as if what was going through his brain right now represented reality, or what he expected of Kit, in any way. He just wanted to think about them getting together, rather than what being together would actually mean because the latter was far too messy, complicated and upsetting.

People around him started moving, and he glanced to the board to try to work out what they were doing. Sleeping potion. Ok, that much made sense, but then there were two sets of instructions - beginners, and intermediates. Logic sort of suggested that as a beginner they should be doing the beginner ones, but then why had Professor O’Malley written up both? One possibility was that she was also distracted and/or losing it, but it seemed much more likely that there had been a point and that he had missed it. Were they meant to make one, and read about the other for homework? That seemed like kind of a good guess. But he knew what they said about assuming…

“Hey,” he smiled at the person next to him, “You want to be partners?” It was almost always a safe bet that partners would be required, and most other people seemed to be joining up. Hopefully he could work out what they were meant to be doing before not knowing actually reached a critical point.

OOC - Kit’s hair smell and how much of the instructions made it onto the board checked with the respective authors.

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