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Then I guess you need this potion
Wed Jun 28, 2017 07:55

When Isaac had returned, Jen had cleared the workspace of books and parchment and had retrieved the lavender she’d volunteered from her own kit. The first year had began collecting together measuring equipment when she was able to read the instructions for the intermediate version of the potion, and her partner asked if she had a preference of which task to complete Jen took a moment to consider the options. “I’ll take the mucus,” she decided, sliding the jar towards herself, and pushing the lavender towards Isaac. “You can smell like a soap store.” The heady fragrance of crushed lavender was probably going to be overall more pleasant than whatever aroma the contents of the jar would emit, but it was much more likely to linger. Jen avoided using floral fragranced soaps or shampoos because she didn’t enjoy being shadowed by smells that really belonged in a meadow. She’d take a bit of flobberworm mucus as a preferable alternative. "At least we don't have to harvest the mucus ourselves." Probably something fun to look forward to in sixth year, if she was still taking the subject by then.

“Sure,” she agreed to use Isaac’s cauldron. “I think mine has a bit of congealed something or other burned on the side anyway.” She supposed to ought to get rid of that sooner rather than later but she wasn’t suicidal so she didn’t relish trying a cleaning charm on an unknown potions remnant, which would mean she’d have to scour it out by hand. “Guess I’ve got a date with some industrial strength cleaner and my trusty dragonhide gloves in the near future.” If she sounded like this was the worst use of time anyone could ever imagine then it probably wasn’t far from the truth, and so her attitude was entirely valid.

When she had her ingredients measured out and ready to go, Jen said, “I seemed we have to add in the mixture not long after these ingredients,” she said, gesturing to those she had prepared, “so let me know when you’re ready.” She had learned early on that it was a good idea to read the instructions through before starting to brew a potion. Sometimes you just had to add ingredients in quick succession, but sometimes it seemed like the instructions were trying to trip you up, with things like ‘grate your root finely before adding’ when the ingredients didn’t specify grated root, or maybe ‘leave the final ingredient to soak for ten minutes before adding’ which you might not see until five minutes before the end of class. Yep, it was always best to read through first.

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    Isaac hadn't heard this first year talk very much, but he did recognize her and felt a little bad that he couldn't remember her name. He smiled apologetically at her when she made it clear she'd... more
    • Then I guess you need this potion — Jen, Wed Jun 28 07:55
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