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I wish there weren't Flobberworms in this potion
Fri Jun 30, 2017 09:34

Winston nodded in agreement. "That works for me. I'd prefer not to just sit around waiting, too. Hang on, let me just put this back." He held up the intermediate textbook to show her what he was talking about and then brought it back up to Professor O'Malley's desk.

Upon his return, he looked over the instructions for their beginner book recipe again. "Would you rather crush the wormwood or chop the valerian?" he asked after reading the first two steps. "And - ew, we're going to have to juice a flobberworm, that sounds unpleasant. Do you want me to handle that part?" he asked gallantly. "You can," he scanned down the recipe further, "chop the Sopophorous bean while I do that. We ought to get everything prepared first before we start brewing so we're not rushing over it later. It looks like everything goes into this one pretty quick. Are your asphodel petals whole or powdered?"

"And they do have some different ingredients," he added thoughtfully in answer to her earlier question, "so maybe they both exist so that if you have lavender but not wormwood, or the other way around, you can still make a sleeping draught. Sleeping draughts sound like useful things you might want to be able make quickly with the ingredients you have on hand in the middle of the night when you can't sleep." It was pure speculation, of course, but it made sense to him, and he hoped it did to her, too.

  • What do you wish for?Natalie, Thu Jun 22 15:37
    Natalie cringed inside when Winston mentioned that Sophie explicitly said that neither potion was harder. Admittedly, the Pecari was not the best at listening to directions, which might be part of... more
    • I wish there weren't Flobberworms in this potion — Winston, Fri Jun 30 09:34
      • I wish I had more important content.Natalie, Sat Jul 8 16:52
        Natalie waited as Winston returned the intermediate text to Sophie and her mind began to wander slightly. She wished she was on a beach. Even if the beach was just a conjured up one in MARS. How nice ... more
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