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I wish I had more important content.
Sat Jul 8, 2017 16:52

Natalie waited as Winston returned the intermediate text to Sophie and her mind began to wander slightly. She wished she was on a beach. Even if the beach was just a conjured up one in MARS. How nice it would it be to submerge herself in water. Or to conjure up a river and do some kayaking. However, as her classmate wasn't gone very long, she didn't really get to ponder it much. Which was a good thing, because then it would have made Natalie more impatient with being in class.

"I'll crush the wormwood, I guess. Thanks for doing the Flobberworm" She wouldn't have made a fuss about it if she'd had to, unlike some people. Well, okay, Kelsey would probably have proactively taken something else and left the other person with the Flobberworm because ladies were not supposed to enjoy or seem like they enjoyed doing such messy tasks. Besides, it would ruin their manicures, which Natalie didn't have. She wasn't the type, though it would probably be expected of her once she got older. Actually Potions wasn't great for manicures in general. Come to think of it, neither was school in general.

The Pecari nodded. "Yeah, though if I'm up in the middle of the night, I'd hope to have some already made just in case. I mean, just because I'm not asleep doesn't mean I'm not tired and making potions doesn't seem like a great idea if you're already tired."

  • Winston nodded in agreement. "That works for me. I'd prefer not to just sit around waiting, too. Hang on, let me just put this back." He held up the intermediate textbook to show her what he was... more
    • I wish I had more important content. — Natalie, Sat Jul 8 16:52
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