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Professor Sophie O'Malley
Gettin' wiggy with it [Years III, IV, and V]
Sat Jul 15, 2017 23:08

Typically, one would not consider 3:00 in the afternoon to be “morning”, but as Sophie had learned when pregnant with her boys, the title of “morning sickness” was incredibly misleading. Randomly being ill hadn’t been too terrible at first - it was in fact the first indication that maybe she ought to take a pregnancy test again - but now, Sophie was finding her recently-discovered pregnancy off to a bit of a rocky start. And boy, howdy, did this baby not like anything Sophie put in her body.

She had been fine for the length of the Beginners class, which was immediately after lunch, so she had foolishly let her guard down. But in the half-hour reprieve she had between that and the Intermediate class, the sickness came at her with its full force, sending her running for a more appropriate location to be ill. She was away for longer than expected, as when she returned to the classroom, most if not all of the intermediate students had already arrived. She glanced at the clock: 3:40pm. A full ten minutes after the class was scheduled to begin. Damn it.

“Sorry about that, guys,” she said sheepishly to the pairs of thirteen-, fourteen-, fifteen-, and potentially sixteen-year-old eyes she felt on her. Sophie moved slowly behind her desk, one hand on her stomach; she was no longer in any extreme state of nausea or discomfort, but it lingered there nonetheless. “Today we’re working on….” she trailed off, turning pages in her notes to find the day’s plan. She really had not expected to be out of the room for this long. “The Wiggenweld potion,” she said at last.

Normally Sophie posed questions to her students - does anyone know what this potion does? Etc. - but she was thrown off her game by the lingering taste of vomit in her mouth, so she mostly just wanted to get the kids brewing as soon as possible so she could sink into her desk chair and dig out a mint from the drawers. “Instructions are on page 413 of your books. Go ahead and get started.” And then she did as she aspired to, what with the sinking and digging. She also did some mental math, trying to figure out exactly when this baby would come and when she should, like, make an announcement to people other than her husband.

OOC: Instructions are:
Add salamander blood until the potion turns red.
Stir until the potion turns orange.
Add more salamander blood, this time until it turns yellow.
Stir until the potion turns green.
Add more salamander blood, until the potion turns turquoise.
Heat until it turns indigo.
Add more salamander blood until the potion turns pink.
Heat until the potion turns red.
Add five lionfish spines.
Heat until the potion turns yellow.
Add five more lionfish spines.
Add flobberworm mucus, until the potion turns purple.
Stir until it turns red.
Add more flobberworm mucus, this time until it turns orange.
Stir till it turns yellow.
Shake and add until it turns orange again.
Add honeywater until it turns turquoise.
Heat until it turns pink.
Add salamander blood until it turns green.

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      Professor O’Malley was late. Ten minutes late. Normally, Louis would either be chatting and enjoying the reprieve, or getting mildly annoyed that they couldn’t just start the lesson already, but... more
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