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Professor Philpott
Intermediates - Keep Calm and Carry On
Mon Nov 13, 2017 07:09

Professor Philpott had arrived at Sonora the previous evening. His appointment had not been announced at the feast for it had not, by that point, been finalised. Although interested in the position, he had not seen reason to cut short a very pleasant holiday, one without the hefty price tag of travelling in the school holidays.

Officially, his job was to cover certain elective subjects - principally astronomy, which was his forte - alongside supervising students engaging in extended studies of their own devising, making sure they stayed on track. However, he was also available for emergency cover, which was what saw him standing in front of the intermediate class the morning after his arrival. There was a nasty cold going around, which took multiple doses of Pepper Up Potion to shift. A professor who was both coughing and still smoking at the ears did not seem a good idea. This was how the intermediate class came to be greeted by an unfamiliar man, of average height with salt-and-pepper hair and a matching beard. He was old enough not to necessarily be the subject of schoolgirl or schoolboy crushes, although in spite of being middle aged he was well-kept and good looking. Settling down had never particularly appealed to him but nor did living the life of a celibate, and that meant looking after his appearance.

“Good afternoon,” he greeted the intermediate class. “As you know, Professor O’Malley is now on maternity leave. Whilst Professor Carter should be here, she is unwell this morning. My name is Professor Philpott, and I am the school’s new elective and extended study supervisor. As Professor Carter will have two full courses to teach this year, I am also going to be stepping in as a substitute, though rather unfortunately, my first call of duty is to substitute for her.” He slightly resented the fact that Potions was to be his first lesson, merely from the many jokes he received, along the lines of people suggesting that must be his specialty, given his name.

“Today’s subject is the Draught of Peace. You will brew it during class, and are required to write short notes answering the following questions either in class or for your homework.

“What are some appropriate uses of the Draught of Peace?
“What are some dangers of over-using it?
“What other magics alter a person’s mood?” he read out, waving his wand to bring the questions up on the blackboard, alongside the brewing instructions for the potion.

“Whilst you may begin work on these in class, please note how the brewing process for this potion requires you to take further steps when colour changes occur, rather than after set amounts of time, so do not become too distracted from your potions.

“In terms of whether to work together or separately… Do whatever Professor O’Malley would normally let you do,” he advised. Generally, he did not like to admit any lack of knowledge, or give children the chance to mess about. However, they were a captive audience. He would be here for the rest of term, and so would they. If they used this as a chance to slack off, they’d end up having to make up for it later.

The steps:

Add powdered moonstone until the potion turns green.
Stir until the potion turns blue.
Add powdered moonstone until the potion turns purple.
Allow to simmer until the potion turns pink.
Add syrup of hellebore until the potion turns turquoise.
Allow to simmer until the potion turns purple.
Shake powdered porcupine quills vigorously until they are ready and then add until the potion turns red.
Stir until the potion turns orange.
Add more porcupine quills until the potion turns turquoise.
Allow to simmer till the potion turns purple.
Add powdered unicorn horn until the potion turns pink.
Stir until the potion turns red.
Allow to simmer until the potion turns purple.
Add more powdered moonstone until the potion turns grey.
Allow the potion to simmer until it turns orange.
Add more powdered porcupine quills until the potion turns white

As a note, you may also want to look here, which is the source of these steps, for more in-depth information. The brewing of this one can be a bit tricky, and you can say that this additional information IC comes from your textbooks. Happy posting!

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      • I will try to be all you need me to be.Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 15 09:33
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    • seeking to partner the right sortWinston Pierce, Crotalus, Tue Nov 14 09:31
      Winston was partial to potions. It was straightforward and predictable. He had a bit of skill with the precision necessary for preparation and timing, too, which help his enjoyment of the class... more
    • I mean, I guess I'll try to stay calmIsaac Song - Pecari, Tue Nov 14 01:07
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      • Probably a good ideaNatalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Nov 18 18:35
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