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Winston Pierce, Crotalus
seeking to partner the right sort
Tue Nov 14, 2017 09:31

Winston was partial to potions. It was straightforward and predictable. He had a bit of skill with the precision necessary for preparation and timing, too, which help his enjoyment of the class because it meant he usually completed the potions successfully and got good grades. Plus, if he was partnering with a girl, he could heroically rescue her from handling slugs or something without much personal risk or discomfort, so that was a win, too.

The potions did increase in difficulty this year, now that he had moved from beginner classes to intermediates, but Winston had been ready for more challenge and had weathered the transition without losing any ground in his grades or success rates. At least, not in potions. Father had given him a pretty long lecture over break when he saw Winston’s DADA midterm report grade had dropped into the E range.

The second half of the year started with a new professor, but that didn’t come as any great shock given Professor O’Malley’s condition the last they had seen her in December. Even if Winston had assumed Professor Carter would be filling in, rather than bringing in a new guy, even that was settled when Professor Philpott explained Carter was sick today and he was actually hired as an elective professor. Winston would have almost rather had Philpott for the interim, but Carter was a familiar enough quantity, that he wasn’t really upset about that expected turn of events. Besides, there was no guarantee Philpott was from the proper social circles either, or that he wouldn’t be an unforgiving task master who would make Winston’s grade drop a letter and get him in trouble again. No Carter was probably for the best.

Though Philpott did seem a perfectly reasonable teacher as he set out the homework questions and assigned the day’s brewing lesson. Maybe Winston would consider taking up an elective or independent study after all, if it wasn’t too late for that. He was still a third year. If Zevalyn Ives, a muggleborn, could start school two years late and still graduate with the rest of her age group, surely Winston Pierce of the New Hampshire Pierces could start an elective half a year late. He’d just have to decide quickly if that was something he wanted to do.

Anyway, for right now, there was a potion to make, and a partner to find because he preferred not to work alone. He could, if he needed to for testing purposes, but given the choice, he liked to have another set of eyes and hands working with his own. It made everything run smoother and less stressfully.

“Would you like to be my partner?” he asked the person seated beside him, once he verified they were an acceptable sort of person.

  • Intermediates - Keep Calm and Carry OnProfessor Philpott, Mon Nov 13 07:09
    Professor Philpott had arrived at Sonora the previous evening. His appointment had not been announced at the feast for it had not, by that point, been finalised. Although interested in the position,... more
    • And don't forget to put the kettle on.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Thu Nov 30 21:30
      Joe had no idea if fears that Professor O’Malley would explode in front of them all were actually part of the reason for her absence from Sonora or if she’d just had the baby, but either way, Joe had ... more
    • Seeking a motivated partner.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Wed Nov 15 02:58
      This feeling was something akin to depression, she supposed. Lily dropped into her seat without a fuss, in her usual row in the back. She was wearing a hoodie with the top up, covering her short... more
      • I will try to be all you need me to be.Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 15 09:33
        Jozua sighed in disappointment as he entered the classroom and saw, not Professor Carter, but a new guy. There went his plans for exploding his cauldron today. It wasn’t sporting to do that kind of... more
        • That's all I need right now.Lily, Sat Nov 18 13:38
          Good ol’ Jozua. The friend she could always rely on through anything. If Jozua ever abandoned her, it would be the end of the world. Unless he got a girlfriend. Lily remembered how Geoff had begun... more
          • I’m the scary Teppenpaw Jozua, Sun Nov 19 23:08
            Jozua was somewhat dismayed when Lily didn’t even crack a smile. Apparently whatever was upsetting her was pretty awful. She revealed enough to know it was those muggle boys she used to hang out with ... more
            • Consider me impressed.Lily, Fri Nov 24 02:52
              Lily thought she’d known what a good friend was before. A good friend was someone who could play pretend and not laugh at one’s childishness or adamance to fight monsters even at twelve. A best... more
              • Glad to hear itJozua, Sun Nov 26 15:45
                Jozua pulverized his unicorn horn. He was kind of glad they were talking about this in potions, during the part of the lesson where he got to ground something into powder. Ed kissed Lily. That was... more
                • Turning the tables.Lily, Tue Nov 28 17:53
                  There was nothing left to crush into powder. Instead, Lily put swept off the remnants of dust on the desk with her hand. "Thanks," she replied to his oath to keep it a secret. It was embarrassing... more
                  • Oi, hey now, don’t do that.Jozua, Wed Nov 29 10:08
                    Jozua shrugged, trying not to look shifty as Lily questioned his certainty that wizards would like her. “Sure,” he agreed with ready confidence, figuring that was a safe ‘prophecy’ to make. “I Saw it ... more
                    • Well, why not?Lily, Thu Nov 30 15:26
                      Lily grinned at his teasing and would have punched him in the arm if he hadn't been holding the porcupine quills. She didn't feel insecure about being liked much, but she knew she wouldn't care if... more
    • seeking to partner the right sort — Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Tue Nov 14 09:31
    • I mean, I guess I'll try to stay calmIsaac Song - Pecari, Tue Nov 14 01:07
      Ever since Isaac had started dabbling in cooking at home, his interest in Potions class had grown. It was a lot of the same things: mixing, measuring out ingredients, making sure you stirred it or... more
      • Probably a good ideaNatalie Atwater, Pecari, Sat Nov 18 18:35
        Natalie was looking forward to this half of the term, or more accurately, the end of it. This was her sister's last semester at Sonora and the Pecari was possibly looking forward to it even more than ... more
        • It doesn't really come naturallyIsaac, Sat Nov 18 21:15
          Isaac didn't really know much about Natalie personally, but she seemed friendly and smart. "Of course! It'll go a lot faster with the two of us. Well, as fast as potions go." Isaac looked closely at... more
          • Calmness is easier than patienceNatalie, Fri Dec 8 22:25
            Natalie smiled as she took the potion from Isaac and mixed in the powdered moonstone. "Agreed." She replied. The third year had never cared for waiting. That why Potions was such a pain. Well one of... more
            • I agree wholeheartedlyIsaac, Sat Dec 9 15:27
              Isaac didn't think he'd ever know what it was like to live with house elves. They sounded cool, but also like modern-day slavery and he wasn't a big proponent of that. Having house elves would still... more
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