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Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
I will try to be all you need me to be.
Wed Nov 15, 2017 09:33

Jozua sighed in disappointment as he entered the classroom and saw, not Professor Carter, but a new guy. There went his plans for exploding his cauldron today. It wasn’t sporting to do that kind of thing to a new guy. Carter was a seasoned Head of Pecari, she could handle a little smoke and some Sparks, but this sub might freak out and make things worse, especially if potions wasn’t his forte.

So he slunk off morosely to the back but brightened up a bit to see Lily already seated there. He dropped down into the seat next to hers, and was able to make a joke about the new guy when he realized she looked miserable. He immediately felt awkward, torn between the Teppenpaw urge to ask if she was okay and give her a hug and the opposing teenage boy machismo that said hugging wasn’t cool. Throw in the fact that Jozua had a giant crush on this particular girl, a crush he was trying desperately not to give away because Lily didn’t like him like that, and that added a whole new degree of terror and indecision that froze him in place long enough that the new teacher started his lecture before Jozua even said hi.

It was probably just as well that Jozua had already decided not to melt his cauldron today, because the assignment was Draught of Peace, which was fiendishly difficult and might lend itself to pyrotechnics even without intent. Intentionally screwing it up would be dangerous and he wouldn’t be able to guarantee nobody got hurt. Oh well. It they did it right, maybe he could give some of it to Lily and that would help her, since Jozua was clearly a useless dolt when it came to miserable best friends.

“Yes!” he agreed in what probably sounded like too forceful of an answer when Lily asked if he wanted to be partners. “Great idea!” His enthusiasm over her offer to fetch ingredients sounded ridiculous. He was a total idiot, he really was. He was complete rubbish at this whole Being Supportive thing. What kind of worthless Teppenpaw was he? Maybe he should tell Joe later that he’d changed his mind and he had made a resolution for the second half of his Sonora career after all, and it was to stop being an idiot, but he wasn’t sure that would actually stop him from being an idiot, and then he’d be an idiot and a failure at resolutions. So maybe not.

Best just get to work because, monthly explosions not withstanding, he at least knew what he was doing when brewing potions. “Um, moonstone, unicorn horn, porcupine needles, syrup of hellebore. I’ve got plenty of moonstone,” that was a non volatile ingredient so it was one he didn’t use much. He checked his potions kit for the rest. “And I just refreshed my hellebore supply over break, so we’re good there. But you may need to get us more porcupine needles and unicorn horn.”

Calmer now that he had a focus and purpose, he added, trying for casual and not really hitting anywhere close to it, “You seem upset. Your granddad didn’t burn down your house, too, did he?” He didn’t think she’d suffered the same disaster as had befallen him last summer, but he hoped it might maybe draw a weak smile if whatever tragedy had befallen her hadn’t been as bad as that. And if it had been, maybe the reminder would help her know he was willing to listen to her vent as she’d listened to him last semester.

  • Seeking a motivated partner.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Wed Nov 15 02:58
    This feeling was something akin to depression, she supposed. Lily dropped into her seat without a fuss, in her usual row in the back. She was wearing a hoodie with the top up, covering her short... more
    • I will try to be all you need me to be. — Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Wed Nov 15 09:33
      • That's all I need right now.Lily, Sat Nov 18 13:38
        Good ol’ Jozua. The friend she could always rely on through anything. If Jozua ever abandoned her, it would be the end of the world. Unless he got a girlfriend. Lily remembered how Geoff had begun... more
        • I’m the scary Teppenpaw Jozua, Sun Nov 19 23:08
          Jozua was somewhat dismayed when Lily didn’t even crack a smile. Apparently whatever was upsetting her was pretty awful. She revealed enough to know it was those muggle boys she used to hang out with ... more
          • Consider me impressed.Lily, Fri Nov 24 02:52
            Lily thought she’d known what a good friend was before. A good friend was someone who could play pretend and not laugh at one’s childishness or adamance to fight monsters even at twelve. A best... more
            • Glad to hear itJozua, Sun Nov 26 15:45
              Jozua pulverized his unicorn horn. He was kind of glad they were talking about this in potions, during the part of the lesson where he got to ground something into powder. Ed kissed Lily. That was... more
              • Turning the tables.Lily, Tue Nov 28 17:53
                There was nothing left to crush into powder. Instead, Lily put swept off the remnants of dust on the desk with her hand. "Thanks," she replied to his oath to keep it a secret. It was embarrassing... more
                • Oi, hey now, don’t do that.Jozua, Wed Nov 29 10:08
                  Jozua shrugged, trying not to look shifty as Lily questioned his certainty that wizards would like her. “Sure,” he agreed with ready confidence, figuring that was a safe ‘prophecy’ to make. “I Saw it ... more
                  • Well, why not?Lily, Thu Nov 30 15:26
                    Lily grinned at his teasing and would have punched him in the arm if he hadn't been holding the porcupine quills. She didn't feel insecure about being liked much, but she knew she wouldn't care if... more
                    • I don't wanna talk about itJozua, Thu Nov 30 21:14
                      Lily wasn't talking. That was never a good thing. Lily was a talker. If she wasn't talking, it was because she was thinking, and there wasn't anything about what he'd just said that he wanted her... more
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